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(240 total ratings on Google Play)


WhoseCall the following characteristics:

* When a call, there will be additional contact information, how much information you can set to display.
Such as the caller''s name
Such as the company name of the caller
Such as the caller''s posts (restricted to donation version)
Such as the caller''s Remarks (restricted to donation version)

* You can put any phone number you want to blacklist.
The next time from this specific phone numbers of incoming calls.
Your phone automatically hang up or you can select the ringtone automatically is muted.

* Phone call automatic recording function.
( if you want to activate call recording function . you need to enable it from setting screen. )

* Create a contact list
* Android phone contact list be imported into WhoseCall.
* Phone number prefix settings (international phone number prefix)
* Phone number prefix removal
Delete all existing phone number prefix phone number prefix remover, which means you can prefix setting dialog box at any time in the future to add or change any other prefix.

* You can decide whether or not to set the prefix number added to a phone number by switching button.

* SD card export the contact list.
* Import contacts list from the SD card.
* Contact list sorting.
Name and the name of the company
Company Name and surname
* Detailed call record information, separated by four different display.
All call records
Missed call records
Missed call records
Call records
* Call records follow the following procedures:
First search for phone numbers, through list of Whosecall contacts.
If none is found, then the
Search for phone numbers, phone contacts list.
Still can not find the name of the then unknown.
* Search by name.
* Call records Controller
Direct call
Keyboard call
Contact details
* Send Email

“This app will enhance your user experience by adding a floating on-top-widget that will enable you to interact seamlessly with your social networks, search the web and read your favorite content on top of any app – without switching apps. Additionally, the floating on-top-widget may display useful offers and free coupons that support our development. Should you ever become dissatisfied with this widget please let us know and, of course, it may be easily stopped/deleted by dragging the close icon to the pause icon. Thanks for downloading and enjoy this brand new way of using your phone.”

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