Backitude GPS Location Tracker

Backitude GPS Location Tracker
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(970 total ratings on Google Play)


Backitude is a light-weight and efficient Android 2.2+ application designed to capture the location of your device at configurable time intervals or whenever the position is served up by the operating system from another application. No added bulk for Maps interfaces. Keep your resources free and your battery full. Send, sync, or import your locations into your own mapping system of preference.

Create your own back-end and host your location data. Share it in real-time with friends and family. Here are some other user''s examples:


Use Backitude to provide the data!! Run this application and automatically improve your Google+ location accuracy and your Google Location History accuracy and rate!

The GOOGLE LATITUDE API shut down on August 9, 2013 which means Backitude lost the ability to sync locations to Google. (previously, it''s only purpose)

Backitude has since been in a process of re-invention to offer users a continuous location detection application (Configure once, enable, and leave running forever!) with the capability and flexibility to sync location data to any number of destinations including: Custom server URLs, on-board internal memory in form of KML or CSV files, SMS relay, and more!

Detect your location and configure what URL you would like to send it to. Or, store it locally as kml and open using any Mapping software capable of loading kml files.

Backitude can detect locations using GPS, Wi-Fi network locations, and/or cell tower triangulation locations. The location detection and data transmission can occur seamlessly and silently in the background of your device. It allows the user to control the updating frequency and accuracy constraints, and allows you and your friends to locate eachother via SMS.

Offline Storage is available to save location values when a data signal is not present, or you decide to save your data usage and upload in bulk at a future time. Sync can initiate when signal becomes available again, or only once connected to a Wi-Fi network, or by manual startup only.

Minimum accuracy constraints and fall-back options ensure that you are only collecting location data you desire to keep. Polling timeouts ensure that you are not wasting battery life trying to achieve an accurate value when GPS or location signal is not available.

Backitude can run at varying time intervals dependent on Mode which is automatically detected: Docked mode for connected to a power supply, Wi-Fi mode for connected to a Wi-Fi network, or Standard mode in any other situation. Backitude is most efficient when no interval is selected and the application relies on "Push Updates" via SMS and Location "Steals" instead of timed polling. "Steals" are location values that are served up by the OS from other applications, such as if the user opens Google Maps and the OS determines the location, Backitude will identify and utilize the data. "Push Updates" will trigger polling via SMS.

Widgets help change settings or operate location detecton on the fly without opening up the settings menus.

With all the new options for sync''ing your data- Backitude will surely have some bugs to work out. Any problems, please contact me at backitude@gmail.com

New features will be added coming soon as this is the most I could develope with the short notice from Google. If anything else, this is a great app to use as a Lost Phone Tracker. Just enable SMS Push Update with SMS reply, add a secret suffix so not just anyone can find out your location, and let it sit idle until the day when you lose your phone and need a means to track it down, with GPS accuracy.

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