Floating Banner 2.0

Floating Banner 2.0
(420 total ratings on Google Play)
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(420 total ratings on Google Play)


█ Floating Banner 2.0 for Tool Kits, Widget & Launcher
☆ Better than 1.0 version, just try it by yourself !
☆ Floating Banner 2.0 Beta 2 is released now!
☆ Floating Banner 2.0 has a new face!
☆ Enjoy the innovation floating system!

█ You Must Have This!
No matter what the screen size of your device, even it has a small-size screen, the "Floating Banner 2.0" is still working terrific.

█ Ultimate Floating Banner 2.0 Application
☆ Full functional on the floating system
Including the move, resize, auto docking. You can easy to call the floating Banner 2.0 in anytime and anywhere without interrupt your general operation.

☆ Launcher & Widgets
You can make the Floating Banner 2.0 as your Floating Launcher, put any widget and shortcut.

☆ A Revolutionary Integration with Powerful Floating Tool Kits
The Floating Banner 2.0 is not only a floating launcher, it has contains tool kits, like Camera, StopWatch, Task Killer, Floating Browser...etc. You can add any tool kit you like into the floating panel in any order.
# Floating Camera with QR Code Scanner
# Floating Stop Watch
# Floating Web Browser
# Floating Status Kit with Memory Clean Up

Each one of the tool kit is a valuable application in the Android, you just install the Floating Banner 2.0, and you can obtains all powerful features.

The most important is they are floating !

We will add more tool kits into the Floating Banner 2.0.

█ Introduction
This is an Ultimate Floating Banner 2.0 application, it is the most powerful and friendly floating toolkit.

This is a full functional popup floating application for users to run the widgets in a floating panel at anytime and anywhere. You can customize your favorite application shortcuts and widgets with better operation experience, you can enjoy the popup floating widget technique for free.

Floating Tool kits will improve the Floating Banner 2.0''s productivity. Not only a widget panel, you can also use the Camera, Web Browser, Stop Watch, Device Status, Memory Free (Clean Up) in "floating technique".

█ Features
☆ Popup Floating Widgets and Launcher Panel
☆ Full functional in floating window, like move, resize, auto-docking and auto-size.
☆ Friendly and Simply User Interface.
☆ Supports from Android 1.5 ~ 4.2 with any screen size and resolution.
☆ A Revolutionary Integration with Powerful Floating Tool Kits
# Floating Camera with QR Code Scanner
# Floating Stop Watch
# Floating Web Browser
# Floating Status Kit with Memory Clean Up

█ Permission Issue
We will read the IMEI for the Professional Key calculate purpose.
We have a memory clean up tool !
We have a Floating Camera !
We have a Floating Web Browser !

█ Free Edition
The software is a free edition, some features are only available in Professional edition like add more widgets and shortcuts into the floating panel. If you like it, you can use the PayPal or Google In-App billing service (IAP) to buy the "Professional License".

Just try it for free!

█ Keyword
Floating Widget, Floating Banner, Popup Widget, Floating Launcher,
Floating Browser, Floating Web Browser, Floating Camera, QR Code Scanner,
Stop Watch, Memory Clean Up

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