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my Diet Journal
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Harvey G. Payne / Health
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(270 total ratings on Google Play)


My Diet Journal replaces your paper diet journal. The app was designed for meal replacement diets like Medifast or Jenny Craig, but can be used whenever you want to keep track of what and when you eat, drink, and any supplements you take. Keep your exercise log as well as any statistics you want to track, such as your weight, BMI, Percent Body Fat, or blood pressure. Graph the actual values and the overall and recent trend lines to see when you''ll reach your goals. Keep your inventory of consumables in the app and as you use them, the count will be adjusted so you''ll know what to buy on your next shopping trip.


  • Set minimum and maximum hours between meals and how many meals a day you are to eat. The "Meals" button on the main menu shows you when it''s too early (red), late (yellow) or in your prime dining time (green).
  • Use the Alerts option to remind you when it''s time to have your next meal. After breakfast, plan every meal time for the rest of the day, all falling within your set constraints.
  • Keep track of all your meal replacement and supplements in the "Inventory" and as you use them, the counts will go down so you know when it''s time to buy more.
  • Easily add new stock to your inventory by scanning the package''s bar code.
  • Dailies track your water, supplements and anything else you want to keep a count of every day. These items are also subtracted from your inventory (if you''re tracking that item in your inventory).
  • Vitals track your weight, measurements, blood pressure - anything you want to track.
  • Keep your exercise log. Every new day shows all the exercises you track and your last recorded value. These values are whatever you choose: Laps, reps, minutes, etc.
  • Graph every vital you track.
  • Graphs include overall trends, showing change per month and week and "recent" trends, showing change per month and week, but only using your latest entries. Zoom in to see only the last month''s results.
  • Share graphs showing your progress with your weight loss counselor via e-mail or with your friends on Facebook -- you choose.
  • Set goals for any vital and the graph feature will show you your estimated date of reaching your goals using the overall and recent trend data.
  • View everything entered for the day on one "Journal Entry" page.
  • Share your Journal Entry Pages with whomever you choose.
  • Back up your data to SD Card for safe keeping or if you get a new phone. The file can be easily copied to a new phone or tablet and imported into the app running on that device. Optionally "share" the database out and e-mail it to yourself for safe keeping externally.

You can use every feature (I do!) or just pick and choose.

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