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Charging LED
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(970 total ratings on Google Play)


LED will only light up when the screen is off.

*** Note ***
If you do decide to rate this app, positive or negative, please include your device type and os version, as this would help other users. Thanks.

Battery Charging LED is developed and tested for the Galaxy Nexus, because the phone don''t provide any indication during charging. It may work on other phones (NO GUARANTEE).
Once the app is installed and setup, the phone''s LED will blink in different colour during charging with screen off (Galaxy Nexus constraint).

* Definable LED colour
* Definable LED blink rate
* Charging status notification
* Charging sound
* Import/Export settings (Advanced users can edit the colour hex code in ini file, and import settings for more precise colour)

*** For users wanting to enter HEX colour code, follow below steps:
(1) Export setting to storage
(2) Edit the exported ChargingLED.ini file with required colour code
(3) Import the ChargingLED.ini back to the app

*** Important ***
Read the help in the app, it provide important information on how to setup the app.

*** Devices tested ***
The app is tested on the Galaxy Nexus (GSM, yakjuzs), results below:

=== Works ===
* Nexus (4.0.4)
* Nexus (4.1.1)
* Nexus (4.2.1) <- developer''s current os

=== Don''t Works ===
* Nexus (4.0.1)
* Emulator (4.0.1)
* Emulator (4.0.3)

The reason for the failure is because the system failed to recognize the "ACTION_POWER_CONNECTED broadcast" (detect charging cable is plugged in), this is fixed in version 4.0.4.

If the app failed to works on your device, set the app to "Debug mode" to check if this is the cause. For more information see help in app.

* English
* Chinese (繁體/简体)

*** Working devices ***
Below devices is reported by users (in comment), device name is as identified in developer console.
- Google Galaxy Nexus (toro)
- Google Nexus 4 (mako)
- Google Nexus 5 (hammerhead) - "LED always lit" reported not works in comments.
- Google Nexus 10 (manta)
- Samsung Admire (SCH-R720)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus (toroplus)
- Samsung Galaxy Note2 (t03g)
- Samsung Galaxy S III (d2usc)
- Samsung Galaxy SIII (m0)
- Samsung GT-S5360L (GT-S5360L)
- Samsung Replenish (SPH-M580BST)
- Samsung Galaxy S 4 (ja3g) - report indicate for LED blink only, not for always lit
- Samsung Galaxy S 4 (jfltevzw)
- Motorola Atrix (olympus)
- Motorola DROID RAZR (cdma_spyder)
- Motorola DROID RAZR HD (vanquish)
- Motorola ME632 (umts_elway)
- Motorola XT890 (smi)
- Motorola XT897 (asanti_c)
- Motorola XT907 (scorpion_mini)
- Motorola XT910 (umts_spyder)
- Huawei U8655-1 (hwu8655)

*** Don''t works devices ***
Below devices is reported by users (in comment or via email), device name is as identified in developer console.
If you find the app do works on these devices, please leave a comment saying so. Thanks.
- Google Nexus 7 (no LED on device)
- Google Nexus S (no LED on device)
- HTC (probably most devices)
- LG Spectrum
- LG Lucid (cayman)
- Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830M)
- Samsung GT-S5360 (GT-S5360)
- Samsung GT-S5360L (GT-S5360L)
- Sony Ericsson (probably all devices)

*** For Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4.2+) ***
Comment dated 2012-12-29, report "Daydream" feature does not conflict with the app, but as always the screen needs to be off for the LED to light up. Thanks you for the report.

*** For Samsung Galaxy S3 users ***
I noticed some users posted comments saying the app don''t work on this device.
I did some searching, and found the SG3 actually have a built in charging LED indicator option.
The app maybe having conflict with this option, try disable this first. "Setting > LED indicator > Charging".
Again, as I don''t own a GS3, appreciate anyone with a GS3 to test this out and report finding. Thank you.

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