KeyRing Free Password Manager

KeyRing Free Password Manager
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This password manager is designed to provide secure and comfortable storage of your accounts. All fields are visible on your screen and can be found easily by a quick text filter!

Desktop version available (WIN, LINUX, OS X):

The Master-Key is a password invented by yourself for the protection of your data. It can be any sequence of letters, digits or numbers at your choice. Please, do not forget your master key to avoid the loss of your data due to inability to decrypt the database.

The free version is limited by 10 accounts maximum storage capacity and does not sync with Google Backup Services cloud. Consider buying full version of KeyRing with unlimited storage capacity for 1$.

Make your password management easier and quicker than ever with a "Single Look" user interface, which provides a better way to manage personal data as an "all-in-one" list of accounts with corresponding usernames and passwords. The list is made simple by the text filter and the Long Press Copy function. Say goodbye to heavy multiple forms with lots of fields!

All you need to remember is the Master Key of your choice, which must be entered at startup. Master Key is used to encrypt the password database and to restrict unauthorized access to your personal data. It is not stored anywhere and is only used for encryption and decryption purposes. If the database was previously encrypted with one master key it will not be successfully decrypted with another one. Please, do not forget your Master Key!

KeyRing Password Manager is compatible with its Windows Mobile version. If you want to import the windows mobile account database, you should copy "config.bin" file into the "/mnt/sdcard" directory of your android phone.

The only user permission is the "modification of sdcard contents". KeyRing does not require communication permissions and can be considered to be one of the most secure personal data management applications. Even hard-reset of your phone can not damage your database, which is located on "/mnt/sdcard/" directory of your device.

If you have forgotten your Master-Key and nevertheless want to continue using this app, you should delete the existing database file "/mnt/sdcard/config.bin". On the next launch the app will ask for a new Master-Key and will create a new empty database.

Supported languages: EN, RU. For your native language support please send the translation of the language file {http://house-intellect.ru/Documents/keyring-translation.odt} to the mailbox {sales@house-intellect.ru}. The localized version will be published as soon as possible.

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