Condi (previously Mini Tasker)

Condi (previously Mini Tasker)
(890 total ratings on Google Play)
Anton Wolkov / Personalization
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(890 total ratings on Google Play)


☆* to report bugs, go to the main menu - and select "Bug Report" *☆

Make your device perform common tasks based on time, location or other triggers, without having to read through guides.

Get your friends to help by sharing tasks, using simple links. No social network or account registration required.

There are plenty of things you do all the time, that can be automated. You silence your phone during class or on a meeting. You turn on a navigation app when driving. You start playing music when you plug the headphones in. We let you program your device to do all that and more.

Other apps upload your data online, track you for profit, or just have weird limitation to get you buy the premium. We don''t. It''s a spare time project for us. No agenda here.

Here are some of the actions you can perform:
* Set the volume (mute, vibrate etc.)
* Launch or terminate* other apps
* Control the music player
* Set up a notification
* Send or forward SMS messages
* Control Wi-Fi, Background Sync, Mobile Data, Airplane*, GPS*, Bluetooth, NFC
* Adjust screen brightness
* Screen orientation lock
* Silence unwanted calls

These can be performed when specific conditions are met; here are some you can pick from:
* Location - Click on the map to select a place, zoom to change the radius.
* Daily Time Range
* Calendar Event - match to specific events with keywords in the title/description/location.
* App Launched - create a shortcut for an app on the home screen
* Activity Recognition - use accelerometer to detect driving, walking, cycling, or idling.
* Wi-Fi / Headset / Charger / HDMI connected
* Phone is docked
* Low battery

CNet how-to has an intro here http://cnet.co/1eXYCqx

We''re always looking for beta testers http://goo.gl/uFw3kG

FAQ and more technical details will be posted on this XDA thread: http://goo.gl/zdItN3

Location detection uses low power detection (Wi-Fi, mobile based), which uses very little power, but suffers in accuracy. If you want to use location detection - pick a large radius (zoom out the map and click again). If you disable Wi-Fi - accuracy will be low, compensate with a larger radius. We use native geofencing on Nexus 4, 5 phones for the best battery efficiency and accuracy possible.

* Root permission is required for GPS, Airplane mode, and terminating apps.
* Internet: Needed for importing tasks, browsing the task market, and loading maps to the location condition editor. Use a firewall app to deny internet access if you don''t want these and don''t trust us.
* SMS: Needed to send out messages (sms write+sms send) and forward them (sms read+sms receive).
* Contacts: Needed read contacts in the UI, in call silencing and sms forwarding.
* Calendar: Needed for the calendar condition.
* Tracking: There are no ads or any 3rd party tracking at all, our statistics are disabled by default.
* Privacy: If you share a task - it is uploaded to our servers.

This is a project in parallel/distributed programming by: Michal Romano and Anton Wolkov for the Technion ITT computer science dept.

Tags: Tasker, onx, on{x}, Actions Pro, AutomateIt, Llama – Location Profiles, Chronos, Profile, RFRSH – Refresh, Locale, Secure Settings, Smart Places, EasyProfiles, Makros, Agent, Trigger, Impel - Automatic Tasks, Geo Tasker.

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