Scopa Più

Scopa Più
(4600 total ratings on Google Play)
Spaghetti Interactive Srl / Gaming
Downloads: 100k
(4600 total ratings on Google Play)


More than 30 millions games played os of today!

Thanks to everyone for helping us reaching such a great success, and making this an awesome and enjoyable game!

Scopa Più is the new multiplatform scopa game, developed by Spaghetti Interactive Srl and available from today to the amazon kindle fire and android users.
With Scopa Più you can challenge your friends, chat with them during a match, and also meet new friends using our interactive matchmaking system, which allows anyone to see who is online in that moment waiting for a challenge and choose another player to play with.
You can also play in Single mode against 3 different levels of difficulty, based on probabilistic calculations that will keep entertained any player, from beginner level to advanced.
The game AI makes calculations based on the data that both players know, just like a real game played at the bar behind the corner! On top of this, we give anyone the choice of playing using their favorite traditional card deck. This allow anyone to play against people from any other region, that would otherwise be impossible in reality as many card decks are completely different from others. We''ve integrated 17 different card decks, gently offered by the italian card producer Teodomiro_Dal_Negro SpA (www.dalnegro.com)*

Don''t wait any longer and start playing now! you''ll find many opponents waiting for a challenge, join other 400 thousand and more players actively using our platform today, and measure your skills entering the leaderboards!

Please let us know what you think and any critics/suggestions using the "Feedback" area that you can find in the internal menu, or you can send an email directly to info@spaghetti-interactive.it, or just visiting our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/scopapiu or our website at http://www.scopapiu.it

Have fun with Scopa Più!

(*) We''d like to thank Teodomiro_Dal_Negro SpA (www.dalnegro.com) for providing the traditional card decks used inside this game.

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