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Ramen Finder
(370 total ratings on Google Play)
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(370 total ratings on Google Play)


Ramen Finder will let you find Ramen Shops around your current location quickly.
It helps you find the shops that suits your taste.You will find your favorite Ramen Shops!


★Search Ramen shops
Just open the app and you will find Ramen Shops around you, or look for one in another area on the map.

★Check Details
Tap a shop on the map or the list then you get the details about the shop, user reviews and Ramen pictures and others from Ramen Database.

★Get Access information and Sharing information
On the details page, you can get the directions.

★Searching by categories
For example, if you select a category that your favorite soup, then it shows only that categoriesed shops.
You can select the number of the annotation pins to show on the map from 0, 3, 7, or all.
The number of selected annotation pins shows Ramen shops on that map''s designated area. Especially you can check them by order of the ranking of Ramen Database or the point at the page of list.

─About data─────────────────
This app uses『Ramen Database』 and we have the approval by Supleks Corporation that runs the database. However this app isn''t that official app.
This application uses the Foursquare® application programming interface and the shop information provided by Foursquare®.

─Review articles────────────────
The appetizing map! This is the ultimate app to find Ramen shops!

─System Requirements──────────────
 Android OS 2.2~4.0
 ※At Android OS 3.0(Honeycomb), this app doesn''t work.

─Device Requirements──────────────
 001DL、001HT、X06HT、IS03、IS04、Garaxy S、Garaxy Tab、NEXUS ONE、SH003、104SH

─Devices that doesn’t work this app──────────────
 Optimus Pad L-06C(Android OS3.0)
Please notify us if you find other devices that doesn''t work this app by twitter to @agooplife or email.

●To use this app, you need to download the app.
●This app uses mobile wireless networking or Wi-Fi.
●You need charges for Packet switching.
●It may consume a lot of electric power after you use it many hours.
●It may not show the map in some unstable networking.
●You need a connection for using this app.

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