NEO Mushroom Garden

NEO Mushroom Garden
(30.963k total ratings on Google Play)
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(30.963k total ratings on Google Play)


** No Charges!! Totally Free App **
Over 36 Million Downloads!!
New title of "Mushroom Garden" Series is Now Out!!


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[Creating the Savedata for restoration]
[Changing the Language of App]

Improved by v 1.0.5
[Fix the bug that number of sprouting Funghi will low when equipments are upgraded or medicine is used.]

Improved by v 1.0.4
[SE/BGM adjustment in app]

Improved by v 1.0.3
[Adjustment for the rate of Funghi sprouts]


-Mushroom Garden to the Next Stage-
The renowned “Mushroom Growing & Harvesting Game” has returned with drastic evolution!
While still keeping the original pleasant touch harvesting and cutely designed characters, everything including harvesting, gardening, and library has been revamped!
What are you waiting for? Begin “NEO Mushroom Garden” right now!

*What makes it NEO #1 – Now in HD with extra slippery mushroom texture
It’s a dream come true… in HD! Harvest Funghi with extra slipperiness and wiggling motion!!
Also the growing space for mushrooms has been doubled in size! Try out the harvesting which is sure to stimulate all of your five senses.

*What makes it NEO #2 – Totally new “Back-Page Info” feature in the Library!
Including the additional Funghi from “NEO,” all library contents has been updated for those Funghi from the “Original”, “Seasons”, and “Deluxe”!
Now the new library will have “Back-Page Info” which introduces secret profiles such as personalities and skills!
Let’s take a peek inside of the mysteries of adorable Funghi!

*What makes it NEO #3 – The whole new “Food Machine” to make special “Funghi Food!”
Now you can get your hands on the new “Food Machine” to make “Funghi Food” essential for mushroom gardening!!
You can even customize the machine your way to create food with a unique taste.
Each customizable food have different effect such as “quick to grow, but fast to wither”, “easy to grow red Funghi”, and “attract Funghi with flavors”, enjoy the gardening of your liking!

*What makes it NEO #4 – The more you harvest, the more you earn
In “NEO”, as you harvest many Funghi, you will receive many prizes accordingly!!
Prizes include gardening equipment and parts necessary to upgrade the Food Machine. Harvest more to collect tons of prizes!!

What makes it NEO #5 – Grow Funghi outside of the original gardening room
Funghi jumping out of the small gardening room!?
You can switch the “Gardening Theme” to other landscapes such as green grasslands and futuristic factory! Well, not as free as open world games, we admit.
Certain Funghi may grow in different looks depending on theme it gorws in, so let’s try them all!
Also there is a rumor that certain rare Funghi might grow when equipping a device that matches with the theme that is in use…?

[devices out of guarantee]
The following devices are out of guarantee.
We deeply apologize for the users using these devices.

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