Girls Calendar ・・Period&Weight

Girls Calendar ・・Period&Weight
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(2300 total ratings on Google Play)


The application can manage your schedule and health status!
Girl''s Calendar both schedule management the physiological period, easy pregnancy ovulation day forecasts or calendar application designed versatile female.
We offer all the features for free glad to women, such as weight management diet.
Record of the menstrual cycle or the basal body temperature, you can manage easy pregnancy day management and safety day, the perfect response to pregnancy and contraception!
Also, the physical pain, weight loss, body weight, and the balance of the female hormone female troubles, and help to the beauty and health of the column and psychological diagnostic tests!
▼Important information▼
◇Please note data that has been registered in Girl''s Calendar change the time zone, you can not play back correctly when you switch back to the original time zone.
[Girl''s Calendar function]
① Calendar
You can check the day (menstruation) and physiology of the month schedule at a glance.
Important dating anniversaries, nail beauty salon appointment, as long as you click on the activity icon will never forget!

② Predict physiological period
Input menstrual period (menstrual) to calculate physiological cycle, the calendar will be displayed next scheduled the physiological scheduled day with ovulation scheduled day icon. To pregnancy, contraception, dangerous days, this feature is very convenient.

③ Health advice
The display on the recommendations of the ""State of health"" and ""Mental condition"", the daily expressed different explanations the worrisome easy pregnancy ovulation day (contraception safety day) can everyday to master with the physiological cycle.
The sensitivity risk index to get pregnant the day of ovulation (contraceptive safety day) or mental state, including his physical condition will be expressed.
Especially not pay attention to the female hormone balance will collapse, etc., if the health status is not properly managed, ""No menstruation for several months"", ""No ovulation"" the situation is likely to occur. Female hormonal balance collapse, often are not consciously, may affect the beauty and health. good use of this function!

④ Memo
From brief notes, etc. and work todo shopping list, until the daily diary, all can write freely in the memo field.

⑤ Save photos
You can save your photos to the daily calendar. Even visual memories leave it used in conjunction with the diary memo.

⑥ Llock function
When to start the application, enter a four-digit numeric keys can be locked.

⑦ Menstrual alarm
Physiological (menstruation) day and the day of ovulation (contraceptive safety day) 3 days ago, will have to notify the alarm. (The time of the menstrual cycle is 11 o''clock / we will inform in the three days before ovulation.)

⑧ Basal body temperature, weight records and charts
Daily basal body temperature and weight can be recorded from the calendar. Record basal body temperature and weight chart form make confirm. Record basal body temperature can grasp your female hormone secretion is normal. Moreover, the weight of the record may be convenien control your weight.
Understand your basal body temperature, easy weight management and weight loss.
The chart can have the image saved in the SD card can be sent to the e-mail and printing!
Application for Girl''s Calendar diary record basal body temperature, menstrual cycles, weight, diagnosis of your health management functions.
Women for physical pain and female hormone secretion worries or want to know about the full load of beauty and health intelligence function!
Used in conjunction with the hospital diagnosis!
Not just the physical troubles it may also be interesting to use psychological tests to diagnose your mood!
Girl''s Calendar easily manage your physical condition, health and beauty!

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