PriPriMarron mini ~photo deco~

PriPriMarron mini ~photo deco~
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Introducing a companion application to the ultimate photo decorating application “pripri MARRON” !

The improved “pripri MARRON” is very fun and allows postings of the decorated photos onto Twitter!

we want to make image posting on Twitter more accessible.
we want more people to tweet.

Such requests led to the creation of “pripri MARRON mini,” filled with “word bubble” items perfect for Twitter.

With simple and intuitive steps, anyone can quickly and effortlessly post word-bubble photos on Twitter.


Pictures of your kids!
With your special someone!
Gather your friends!
Maybe even your pets?

Easily create an infinite variety of pictures with your ‘personal touch.’
Experience the fun of decorating photos!

(※) when saving or posting, a small promotional sentence will be inserted at the bottom corner of the photo image.
(※) The advertisement will be displayed so that it would not interfere with any operations.

◎ Introduction of Features

* easy-to-use interface specially developed for use with the smartphone
* 9 different high-quality frames
* 137 types of handy word bubble stamp images (+ MARRON stamp)
* 40 types of cute pictographs stamp images
* handwriting pen (16 normal colors / 60 colors with borders)
* text inserts (16 colors with shadow / 16 colors without shadow / vertical text direction / horizontal text direction)
* freely expand, shrink, move, and rotate original photos!
* can expand, shrink, move, and rotate word bubbles and writings anytime
* save your masterpieces to the gallery
* attach the finished photos to an e-mail and send
* add a message, and post them on Twitter
(※) Requires configurations in advance to allow the use of Twitter

◎ How to Use

1. Select “take a picture” or “photo gallery”

2. Select a frame image of your choice

(※) You can move, resize, and rotate the photo on the frame selection screen.

3. Select a stamp
The word bubble can be repositioned, resized, rotated and reversed.
After switching the category, you will choose cute pictographs,too, except word bubbles.

(※) You may control the stamps again by tapping and holding them.

4. Scribble whatever you want to with the handwriting pen.
Select the size and color, and write.
The words you have written can be moved, resized, and rotated.

(※) You may control the writings again by tapping and holding them.

5. Insert text
Select a size and color, and enter whatever you would like.
You can move, resize, rotate, and change the direction of the inserted texts.

(※) You may control the entered text again by tapping and holding them.

【Text Entry Modes】
[pencil] : word editing button (after selecting with a long tap)
[=||] : text direction button

6. You can save the finished pictures, post them up on Twitter, and e-mail them to PC’s and cell phones.

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