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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


[Jorte Sync] is an application that can sync information from various services with Jorte Calendar.

For example, When you Sync with Facebook and Foursquare, You can see the content of your friend''s posts or your own displayed in Jorte.
The day there is a post from friends that you have selected, their icon and posted photos can be displayed in Jorte.

Yahoo! Calendar, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Exchange ActiveSync, and Flickr are currently supported.
We are also planning to add support to link with many more services in the future.

Jorte Sync with Facebook support was developed by Jorte and does not represent an endorsement or sponsorship by Facebook Inc.

Exchange ActiveSync Known Issues:
. Editing Repeating All Day events is not supported due to API limitations.
. If you need to Edit a Repeating All Day event please use Outlook on PC.

Application Description:

Jorte Calendar: An application with 21 million downloads.
[Jorte Sync] is an application developed in order to connect with many calendar services available throughout the world.
You can always try using your calendar service in Jorte Calendar, an application that is both visually pleasing and easy to use.
Of course, you can always display Jorte Cloud and Google Calendar together in it. Also, by adding event calendars you can display the events that you find interesting along with your work schedules from another calendar service.
By all means, we invite you to try the possibilities of Jorte Calendar now further expanded through [Jorte Sync] and discover the experience of a world linked by calendars.

How to use:

. Install Jorte Sync.
. Start Jorte Sync and select the service that you would like to use.
. Log in to the service using its ID to authenticate.
. Once the authentication is complete, the procedure is complete in this application.

Start Jorte Calendar:

Launch Jorte Calendar and select the service you want to use (Yahoo! Calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, etc.) from the [Calendar] list.
If the log in has already been completed, it will sync automatically with the selected service.
If you have not yet logged in, it will link with Jorte Sync, log in once again and return to Jorte Calendar.
This application is a "Login tool" to connect Jorte Calendar with other services.

Future Plans:

. To include more calendar services.
. Groupware services.
. Check-in system services.

Other features may be added at any time

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