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iLunascape - Web Browser -
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Adding to our long track record of developing high-powered tabbed browsers for both desktop and iOS, we now bring you iLunascape for Android OS.

Building on our research into what constitutes comfortable use of an Android device, we have developed a powerful but light portable desktop-style tabbed browser for the latest Android OS, with a unique InReach interface which places tabs and menus at the bottom, within easy reach of your hand. iLunascape makes your Android browsing a breeze!

◆A fresh take on the interface - “InReach”
You might have noticed that existing browsers force you to move your hand all over the screen. That’s not only uncomfortable and inefficient while balancing the device, it makes the screen so dirty! With iLunascape’s unique InReach interface, you can navigate and control most actions with minimal movement, as tabs and most menus are located at the bottom of the screen, allowing your fingers instant access without having to move your hand.

・Tabs and toolbar placed at bottom of the screen for easy access
・Switch tabs in a quick and smooth motion with "thumb slide"
・More screen space: Hide title bar [OFF by default]; Auto-hide address bar; Show/Hide tab bar instantly by a single tap

◆Browse offline - Save as Page
Want to view your favorite web page on the subway where there’s no internet connection? iLunascape makes this possible through several saving functions, allowing you to save pages as .htm or .jpg to look at later - whenever, wherever, even when you’re offline. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a truly mobile browser, would it?

・Save Page: Save the current page as an .htm file in Files.
・Capture Screen: Take a screen shot and save it in Files. You can also copy it to your Photo Album or upload it to Dropbox for sharing.
・Save Image: Hold an image to save in Files. You can also copy it to your Photo Album or upload it to Dropbox for sharing.

◆Social Networks Integration
Don’t be fooled by iLunascape’s simple look - it’s loaded with features! iLunascape integrates a number of popular third party apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and Read It Later, to give you the best web experience wherever you are.

・Share websites and articles via Facebook, Twitter and/or E-mail
・Read It Later integration
・Download files and upload them to Dropbox
・Data backup feature (export/import via Dropbox)

◆Real Tabbed Browsing
・Have up to 6 tabs open at the same time
・Hold on a link to open it in a new tab (foreground/background) or to copy the link
・Show search results in a new tab [ON by default]
・Open bookmarks in a new tab [OFF by default]
・Restore tabs from the last session when the browser is launched [ON by default]; turn this option OFF to open the home page on launch

◆Other Browsing Features
・Privacy: Clear all history, cache and cookies
・Highlight Search: Highlight a word or a sentence in a page and search for it on the net
・"Find In Page" feature
・Bookmark Manager: Turn on Edit mode and simply drag the bookmarks in the order you want them.
・Wide Screen mode: Hide the title bar to leave more space for page contents. You can even hide the tab bar at the bottom by tapping the tab button of the InReach interface, and then make it visible again by a second tap.
・User Agent switch: Let your iLunascape browser be recognized as IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or Lunascape. With this setting you can enjoy the same page layout on your Android device as on your desktop computer.

◆Seal in Browser
We introduce the first seal-in browser in the world. When "Norton Secured Seal" is displayed on the address bar, it signifies that the website is secure.

◆Online Bookmarks
Thanks to the compatibility of online bookmarks in iLunascape with Firefox sync, you can sync your bookmarks with your Lunascape or Firefox browser on a PC.

◆Tab Menu
With the unique InReach interface, the main features operations are collected at the bottom of the screen. One of these operations is the tab menu.

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