Easy Simple Flash Light(Torch)

Easy Simple Flash Light(Torch)
(340 total ratings on Google Play)
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(340 total ratings on Google Play)


This is a Easy Simple Flashlight application for Free.
The LED Lighting Torch''s starting speed is the fastest in the android apps. Because of them simplify.

+ + Features + +
* When you launch this app it starts to lights.
* You can switch on and off by touching the power button.
* The color of the background screen will switch to black and white by touching a location other than the power button on the screen.
* For the feature this app to make it easier to handle a simple this app, there is not a complex configuration and flashing.

+ + How to use + +
Flash lights up when you start this app.
If you touch the button, Flash lights turned off or turned on.

+ + Necessary Permission + +
For the lighting of the light: control of hardware
For ads: Network communication

◆ purpose
This app is a flashlight app free using for strobe LED flash light of the camera mounted on a smart phone for the android.

For a simple application that can be turned on and off at the touch the power button icon lights begins when you launch order to the start-up and easy to understand, convenient and quick there is no complicated settings and controls, and there is only one mode.
It also has the black in order to reduce power consumption the initial color of the screen, but by touching the screen, but you can change it to white if you want to brighten more.
Power failure or emergency, do not have to worry with the battery of the smart phone is power even when the disaster.
You can also check the battery capacity remaining as of the candle.
LED long life, so has become a light source, there is little to worry about the bulb out.

This is quite useful even when dark outdoor, such as when you are camping and picnics, fireworks.

I do the test of some devices, but are not tested in all devices. Not light. Light is not on. I can not control. And hope we might want to do this more, please feel free to contact us.

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