Ghost Call DX

Ghost Call DX
(4100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(4100 total ratings on Google Play)


If you have question about information regarding failure or operation method, please contact ( http://ghostcalldx.com/en/ ).

[When to Use]
Do you have the experience that your kids do not listen to you? You have to say the same things many times, such as "Put your stuff away," "Eat your food," "Take a bath now," or "Go to bed."
"GhostCall DX" will help you!
Your kids never listen to you because they are getting used to be said by mom, but other person tells them the same thing, they will listen to what he/she said.
If your kids change their attitude by this application, you have to tell them why they were scolded.
After the kids were done their action, you need to praise a lot so that they will continue their action.
This application is not for frightening the kids, but let them know what they need to do.
Choose the best character according to your kid''s personality or situation.

[How to Play/Record]
1.A scary demon, a dracula, a pretty princess, or a fairy etc… From total 12 charactors, you can choose the best character according a situation.
2.Touch the red microphone mark and record your words to attract your children''s attention.
3.You can change "Change Ringtone," "Voice Changer," and "background" by edit button.
4.Try listening and if no problem, you can put the title and save your recording by touching the save button.
5.Your recording data will be saved in "My Recording" at Get a Call.

[How to Play/Get Call]
1.Choose the one you need from "My Recording" or "Sample."
2.When you get a call, a 3D character will appear, so you show the character to the kids. If the kids got scared, tap "decline," if they would not react, then tap "anwer."
3.When you tap "answer," the character will start talking.
4.You can use the timer function and make the call more reality.

GhostCall DX Service Page : http://ghostcalldx.com/en/
Google+ : http://gplus.to/ghostcalldxEn
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ghostcalldx_en/326183960858106
Twitter : @ghostcalldx / https://twitter.com/ghostcalldx_en

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