Lunacycle (Period Tracker)

Lunacycle (Period Tracker)
(3000 total ratings on Google Play)
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(3000 total ratings on Google Play)


This app does not support Android OS 2.2. Please update your OS version if you are still using OS 2.2.
Please follow for the OS update: “Settings->About Phone->Software Update(System updates)” Download(Update). And Wait For The Device To Upgrade Your Firmware.

LUNACYCLE, the health and period tracker application, will empower women to track their periods, calculate average lengths of its cycle, predicts next period, ovulation date, and control schedule.

All you need to do is just entering your period when it''s started. It shall predict its next date and ovulation date, as well as give you weekly updates on your skin, effective diet, beauty and physical condition. It would help you to have a better understanding of your body and more control over your health and lives for FREE.

-Predicts Next Menstrual Period and Ovulation date
Track your period to predict your next period start date and ovulation date. You can also see the length of your cycle.
-Predict Fertile Period
Based on your menstrual cycle, it predicts your fertile period and tells you if today is high or low probability of pregnancy.
-Body Condition Tips
Body condition is in a close relationship with feminine hormone balance, it can show you the skin condition, effective diet period, and physical condition tips by referring to your past menstrual dates and cycle.
It visually shows your next period date, ovulation date, and fertile period, on one screen. You can access to your daily input view by tapping its date and track your period with memos.
-Weight/Body Fat Percentage Recording
You can record your weight and body fat percentage and see them in the graph (chart). Check how your weight changes and have a body weight control all by yourself.
-Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Recording
Recording basal body temperature on this app, it automatically makes graph (chart) which allows you to grasp your next period/ovulation date, and body biorhythm more.
-Privacy Lock
You wish no one could see your sensitive data? Feel safe to record them on LUNACYCLE, it can be protected with the password Settings.
-Alert Setting
This setting would give you a reminder when predicted next period or ovulation date is coming up.
-Unit Measures
Record in Kg or Lbs and Celsius or Fahrenheit, you can use whichever you are comfortable with.
It lets you backup the registered data to the SD card and import it when you need to change your phone.

LUNACYCLE''s prediction should be used as a guide only. Please undergo medical supervision or consult your doctor for detailed assistance.

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