Siestas Housekeeping Book

Siestas Housekeeping Book
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"Siestas housekeeping book" is a petty cashbook application which can perform management of an income, and daily expenditure management.
In expenditure management, there are 3 types of management which cash, a card and electronic money.

Moreover, I think that there is also usage called the check of details from a credit card company.

(Input, Correction)
Please tap "INPUT" button, you can input today''s income and expenditure with some remarks.
If you tap on the calendar, you can input income and expenditure of date you taped.

Since an income-and-outgo list of the month will come out if the tap of the display of the years of the upper part of a top screen is carried out, please refer to it.

(Display according to item)
If the tap of icons which is shown at the lower part of a top screen, "cash manegement", "card management", and the "electronic money management", the item of expenses used with cash, a card, and each electronic money will be looked through.

(Display according to item of expenses)
If the tap of the icons of any item is carried out, the expenditure list only of the item will be expressed as the screen on which the "item icon" is displayed on the lower part of a screen.

If the tap of the animation in a top screen, a share function and other apps are listed.

If the tap of the menu button and select the "Backup", the present data backup can be taken.

(Background wallpaper picture setup)
If the tap of the menu button and select the "Setup", change of a background image is possible.

Please cure in a cute character "Siestas", using as a petty cashbook every day.

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