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P.R.O Corporation / Puzzle
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(390 total ratings on Google Play)


Next in the popular "Princess*Solitaire", Princess Series 2nd round!!

★ Standard Match 3 Games for Sparkly Princesses <3
★ 12 kinds of games with 3 modes and options!!
★ Double the fun, choose from 2 kinds of piece designs!

Play "Princess*Puzzle" designed for girls with basic Match 3 Games, right now for FREE!!
- A simple, easy game in which you eliminate pieces by matching 3 or more!
- However it has an addictive depth!!
- It can easily be enjoyed in your free time so please try it <3
- Eliminate lots of pieces along with your stress!

Right now!! Start "Princess*Puzzle" and feel like a Princess!!


With 3 modes, multiple options, and 2 kinds of designs there are 24 ways to have fun!!
Choose and arrange various game modes, options (difficult level/ number of pieces and time limit, etc.), and piece designs!
Match your mood for the day and enjoy <3
There are also lots of special pieces to help you in the game!!


★ Double the fun with 2 kinds of piece designs to choose from
Sparkly pretty "Jewelry", cute "Pets"
Choose what you like!

★ Triple the fun with 3 kinds of game modes to choose from

* Princess mode *
Try to clear all of the levels by eliminating more pieces than the target on each level!!
There is a time limit so be careful.

* Time Attack mode *
Aim for a high score by eliminating lots of pieces within the time limit!!
Speed match! There is no target so eliminate as many pieces as you can from the full set!

* Relax mode *
There is no time limit or target! Finish at your own pace. Recommended for those who want to play a relaxed game <3

★ Triple the fun with 3 kinds of puzzle piece amounts to choose from
Choose how many pieces you will arrange on the whole screen <3
6x6 that you progress quickly with bigger pieces to 8x8 that is a bit hard with many pieces :)

If you are unable to launch the application after downloading or updating, please reboot your device or re-install the application.Please note that when re-installing, your score will be deleted.
When reporting a defect, please provide the make of your model, your OS, and the game''s title.

A wonderful time for Princesses worldwide!!

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