Weight Loss Tracker - RecStyle

Weight Loss Tracker - RecStyle
(5200 total ratings on Google Play)
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd. / Health
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(5200 total ratings on Google Play)


** Let''s diet cleverly when we have an appetite! **
It’s easy to use.
Just enter your values once a day.

You can continue because it''s simple!
Now is the time to diet and lose body fat healthily!
RecStyle will provide strong support for your beautiful figure and your health.

** Various functions to provide strong support for your diet! **

* You can easily customize the items you want to manage!
With RecStyle you can add items indispensible for dieting, such as ''weight'' and ''body fat'', and you can also manage your ''muscle mass'', useful for muscle training.
In addition, you can easily add ''waist'', ''BMI'', ''all types of stamps (overate, exercise, drank too much, constipation, poor health, menstruating)'', and ''text notes'' with one touch from the input screen.

* A detailed graph display that''s easy to understand!
When you''ve entered values such as your weight and body fat, try turning your device sideways.
It will automatically change to a graph display, where you can check the change in your values as well as stamps and notes you''ve entered previously.
In addition, you can check the average value for each ''week'' or ''month'' with the buttons on the upper left of the screen.

* Stop forgetting to input with daily notifications!
If you set the time that you usually weigh yourself, it will send a notification to stop you forgetting to input.
In addition, every Sunday it will report the average change in weight for the week, allowing you to understand the progress of your dieting.

* 5 colors to choose from!
You can change the color to suit your tastes or your mood for that day, from five different colors: black, white, orange, green and pink. You can tackle your weight recording any time with a fresh attitude.

* Of course it is also complete with basic functionality!
Its basic functionality is also complete, such as a ''lock function'' to protect the important weight management data that you don''t want other people to know about, a ''target value display'' on the graph display (it is possible to set the target value for ''weight'', ''body fat'', ''muscle mass'' and ''waist'') and much more.

** All these functions are free! And there are no advertisements at all! **
This is for all those who want to manage their weight, whether for diet or for muscle training.

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