Happy Vegiful

Happy Vegiful
(560 total ratings on Google Play)
NHN PlayArt / Simulation
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(560 total ratings on Google Play)


Let''s grow various vegetables and make one''s own farm.
A genuine vegetable can be gotten by lot if it raises it holding out.

Farm simulation game "[Happi-bejifuru]" very popular serving with PC version [hange-mu] came to be able to play even by the Android application program.

[Happi-bejifuru] is a farm game that grows the vegetable, and makes soup.
It is possible to participate in lot that a delicious vegetable of real undertakes when [guracchegacha] can be turned free of charge or the vegetable is harvested when [guracchepointo] collects eating friend''s soup and a lovely game of happiness and & hard to get it with worth.

TIPS from the vegetable sommelier appears when the vegetable of the premiere rank is grown, and moreover, the knowledge of the vegetable can be obtained, and [dekoaitemu] can be collected with the point that grows the vegetable and obtains it, and one''s own, lovely farm be decorated while playing.

Hereafter, the customer named [nai] of can play will be up to ♪ because it is Android that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere though it has a smart phone.

- Because this game is a network game, log in in [hange-mu] ID is necessary.
- The person who is not possession acquires [hange-mu] ID free of charge, and enjoy it by all means, please.

Moreover, it is a mounting schedule one by one though the following function provided in PC version "[Happi-bejifuru]" still becomes a unmounting.
・Message board function
・Everyone''s party function
・Friend invitation function
・Function to plant crops continuously
・Function for creation two or more soup
・My and right or wrong of application button
・ALL tab of crops/item selection
・Item in a part of game
・A part of work

A lot of vegetables are grown, and one''s own, lovely, original farm making is ♪ ..the enjoyment...

・The terminal equipped with Android 1.6 becomes non-correspondence.
・The Tab type terminal becomes non-correspondence.
・It will be able to play in the basic free, but there is some pay items.

- Trouble might be found for non-correspondence terminal in a part of operation.

On Access & download process to install this application, it asks your permission for "Your location" by GPS, however it NEVER collect such information through any activity related with the application.

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