MangaGenerator -Cartoon image-

MangaGenerator -Cartoon image-
(2500 total ratings on Google Play)
SODA,Inc. / Photo
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(2500 total ratings on Google Play)


Mega hit Android manga camera, creating Japanes cartoon image!

This is a manga filter camera app, which are creating black-white filtered image like JAPANESE CARTOON.
More than 200 kinds of scene/frames! You can also add manga ballon message.
We provide some free contents!

This App is creating japanese cartoon(called Manga, This is japanese culture!!) image from taken picture at camera and adding a variety of scenes.
New feature from ver 3, you can add ballon message like cartoon.
Also you can create simple manga collage image.

Features ...

-Creating japanese manga picture from taken image! You can use device gallery image.
(Rarely some device fails to call trim function. If failing it, feedbak us with your mobile device infomation.)
-Adding a scene of your favorite. There are many scene frames more than 200 types.(Some scenes is charged contents. If you find your favor, please purchase it). Don''t worry, if you don''t pay money, you can select some free contents!!
-You can control black and tone balance manually.The adjustment a little, you can convert photo clearly.
-Change thickness cartoon image line.
-You can add messages cartoon balloon. Interesting image would be created by adding a ballon message.

Enjoy your manga camera life!!

Tips to create well

Conversion, has determined in light and dark in the photo. Thus, you can convert well if careful about the following points.

1. Not take a picture at backlight.
2. Not Using flash.
3. Use camera at bright.
4. Shoot with a camera and light areas shadows as well break up

If you''re getting the whitish image, let''s increase the amount of black color.

Let''s share your funny photo at Cloud Gallery.
When you create manga image well, share with others, and try to boast the prowess of your shooting.
There is any other photos which created by other SODA application.

If you find Good Photos, let put ''like''.

You can browse funny pictures other users around the world have created.
The photo If you like apart with a ''like''.

You can share the collage photo via facebook, twitter, Line or other SNS Service.

If you have any feedback or request, please send by email or Soda twitter account.(@SODAinc)

For Line sticker of cartoon, below app is recommended.
Manga Stamp Generator

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