images easy resizer&JPG ⇔ PNG

images easy resizer&JPG ⇔ PNG
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(9000 total ratings on Google Play)


images easy resizer is, you can easily change the size and format of the image.
In addition, you can also easily create an icon image to be used for photographic images, such as Facebook and blogs.

○You can change the image format resize multiple pictures (up to 10 sheets)

○I can change the file format and image size and resize for images from gallery

○Photography feature can be selected when you start the app. That it can be processed resize after shooting

○Rotate it 90 degrees to the right in the menu "rotation", rotated 90 degrees to the left, rotate 180 degrees, upside down, left and right can be inverted

○Can be resized at the touch of a button to select a wide variety of sizes from the "Resize" menu
 Can be processed with the specified size in the custom size.
 When selecting custom size can choose not to retain the aspect ratio and holding.
 In addition, the percent can be resized.

○Resizable icon (fixed aspect ratio), free size (aspect ratio freedom) from the "cutout"menu

○Menu bar is displayed if you press the Menu button on the terminal
 "Undo" button in the menu bar can be returned to the previous one when editing.
 "Back to the selection screen" in the menu bar button discards the current editing.
 You can save the format and quality settings in from the "Settings" button.

○Can be saved by specifying the image file name when saving the file any alphanumeric

○Call the other apps from "share" button that resized images, can be shared

○SD card can be migrated to

○It will also add(*´∀`*)

Q:can not select the image GIF. How do I do?
A:I am sorry. It does not correspond to the format GIF.

[Update History]
2013/11/08 Ver1.2.8 Fixed a bug related to the dialog display.

2013/08/02 Ver1.2.5 Fixed an error that occurred at the timing of display a progress dialog.

2013/06/14 Ver1.2.1 I Fixed minor bugs.

2013/05/16 Ver1.1.9 I added a resource release check processing.
I added the empty check data processing of the return value.

2013/03/29 Ver1.1.7 There is a possibility that the error occurs when you try to resize the file with no extension.
I corresponded to avoid error even if there is no extension.

2013/03/28 Ver1.1.6 I was made to check the value of the acquired image folder path is correct.
I fixed the error that occurred when changing the orientation of the terminal when displaying a progress dialog.

2013/03/26 Ver1.1.4 I made a tweak. I fixed some descriptions of English ver.

2013/03/18 Ver1.1.3 You can change the format and resize multiple images.

2013/01/30 Ver1.1.2 I made a German localization.

2013/01/17 Ver1.0.8 I fix an error had occurred by the Android version.

2013/01/08 Ver1.0.6 fixed a minor bug.

2012/12/28 Ver1.0.5 Support in case of an out-of-memory error.

2012/12/26 Ver1.0.3 When sending an image to the button images easy resizer shared by some other application, because it was not compatible with the transmission format, an error has occurred.
I modified to receive the image properly with the above-mentioned format.

2012/12/21 Ver1.0.2 An error has occurred when the SD card is not connected externally.
If the SD card is not connected, I have changed to specify a storage area inside the terminal.

2012/12/07 At Google Play has released a "images easy resizer"

There is a thing that some terminals are crashing when saved the image quality to 100%.
With a margin of memory, please use this app.

Image Resizer Image processing PNG→JPG JPG→PNG Ignored aspect ratio Specified size Photo narrow Photo Editor

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