RhythmCoin! [Free Coin game]

RhythmCoin! [Free Coin game]
(1800 total ratings on Google Play)
COLOPL, Inc. / Casual
Downloads: 100k
(1800 total ratings on Google Play)


It''s finally here! The sequel to the long-running hit "Sparkle Drop!", the second no-registry-required, free coin game "Rhythm Coin!"

"Rhythm Coin!" is a free coin game, in which you drop coins to collect sweets, which you then feed to a bear to teach it how to dance. Of course, no registry is required.

The controls are simple!
Tap the screen to drop coins and try to collect the sweets that occasionally come falling down as well. That''s all!
Like "Sparkle Drop!", there are special coins like "+2 Coins", "+5 Coins", "CHANGE Coins", "CRAZY Coins", "BIG Coins" and "LONG Coins", so drop those to earn even more coins!
Activate multiple special coins at the same time and watch the spectacle unfold!
This will earn you lots of coins too! You''re guaranteed to get addicted to the fun!

Once the bear starts getting full, "CRAZY Coins" will fall down more frequently, allowing you to enter "Crazy Time", in which the bear will take to the stage to show his dancing moves!
The more dances it learns, the longer "Crazy Time" will last, so teach your bear many tricks to earn loads of coins!

The sweets you collected and the dance the Bear has learned can be viewed in the Collection Room.

One of the main charm points of "Rhythm Coin" is the bear moving around.
It runs, it rolls and it gets angry. Sometimes it''ll even get in the way of your coins...!?
Maybe it''ll even come down together with the coins! So keep watching its cute movements and expressions while you collect your coins.

Teach the bear all 24 different dances to turn it into a true dance master!!

- Tap the screen to drop the coins!
- Grab the sweets that come falling down to fill the bear''s tummy!
- Collect lots of coins to level up and teach your bear new dances!
- Teach your bear 24 different dances to turn it into a true dance master!!

- No registry required, you can play right away! And it''s free too!
- The bear that moves around the board is really cute! There''s much more to do than just drop coins!
- The coin effects and the bear''s dances during "Crazy Time" are very detailed and have to be seen!
- Collect coins faster by using special coins like "+2 Coins", "+5 Coins", "CHANGE Coins", "CRAZY Coins", "BIG Coins" and "LONG Coins"!
- Even if you run out of coins, you''ll recover up to 50 over time!

Download "Rhythm Coin!" right away!!


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