Fishing & Digging Adventure!

Fishing & Digging Adventure!
(530 total ratings on Google Play)
COLOPL, Inc. / Arcade
Downloads: 50.0k
(530 total ratings on Google Play)


Kuma’s Fishing & Digging Adventure!

Join Kuma in exploring a mysterious island!
Find dinosaur fossils and revive them!

No payment or registration necessary. Intuitive controls make this game enjoyable for everyone.

An old map showing an ancient island...
...where dinosaurs roam once more!
Kuma grabbed his tools and set forth for adventure!
Dig up their fossils and revive the dinosaurs!

In Kuma’s Fishing & Digging Adventure! you will explore an island and revive ancient dinosaurs to add them to your collection.

This is the first Kuma the Bear game where you take direct control over Kuma!

Use the simple control system to navigate through the world!

Playing the game is easy: Just start digging until you find some fossils!
Once you complete a fossil set, you can revive that dinosaur.

There are 5 types of dig sites, 18 total, with each one offering a different type of dinosaur.
There are 18 types of dinosaurs to collect!

Once you revive them, you can release the dinosaurs into the wild.
Collect them all to become a Dinosaur Master!

Be careful!
Digging uses energy, and Kuma will get hungry…
Kuma can’t dig if he’s low on energy.
Go catch some fish to feast on!

You can fish in rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Once Kuma has eaten, he can start to dig again.

It is also important to obtain more powerful tools for digging.

In order to get better tools, collect insects. They will become coins that you can use to shop with.

Each tool has its own unique strength and durability, so collect insects and purchase the best possible tools!

The process for reviving dinosaurs is:
Dig up rocks → Catch fish → Collect insects

Try to complete each collection!
There are 18 types of dinosaurs,
69 types of fish,
and 24 types of insects.
Some of the fish and insects are very rare,
so make sure to catch them if you find them!

You may also find uncut stones that can be converted into gems.

You will need 3 stones in order to create a gem.
Once converted, you can add them to your collection! +E18

Check out Kuma’s Digging Adventure! and get your collection started!

[Kuma’s Digging Adventure! Features]
• First Kuma the Bear game where you have direct control over Kuma!
• Collect things by exploring the world! You’ll be digging, fishing, and scavenging!
• Enjoy the sense of adventure that comes with trying to determine where you can dig, fish, and collect!
• You can collect dinosaurs, fish, insects, and gems!
• The dinosaurs are rendered in cute 3D graphics! It makes you want to collect them all!


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