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Evolve QR Code/Barcode Reader, "ICONIT".
Convenient application which stay higher rank in the Free and popular application.
Iconit has been downloaded over 12 million all over the world!
Apple chose the "Free Easy QR & EAN code reader/ICONIT" as 28th out of all the top free apps in Japanese Application Store Best of 2012!

Just scan QR code or UPC/EAN code and you will get high-quality movies, music, images on your Smartphone.
You can keep them as ICONs in your app.

After you download “Barcode Reader/ICONIT”, please scan the QR code which is in screenshot of this page to get ICONIT icon.
We will send the latest information via ICONIT icon. Don’t miss it !!

You can communicate with friends by share your Profile QR.

By easy set up, you may just scan the EAN code to get more product detail at online.

◆''ICONIT'', QR Code/Barcode Reader Features

[1] Fast! Accurate! Precision reading!

Posters stuck up around the city, barcodes printed on books and magazines, and even designer QR codes - ICONIT can easily read them all.
QR codes shown on a TV screen? ICONIT can read them in a flash!
If you have a barcode image in your smartphone photo album, you can bring in it up and import it without using the camera.

*The iOS version is also clipboard compatible

[2] Enjoy managing your import data with icons! You can add them to your home screen!

You can save QR code and barcode data imported to ICONIT in the ''Icon Album'' of the application as icons.
You can edit icon images, titles, and notes yourself and organize the import data to make it easier to understand.
You can also add the data you view regularly to your smartphone''s home screen!
You can also add family and friend contact information to your smartphone''s home screen as icons and line up the barcodes for products you purchase often.

[3] Action menu based on the import data

ICONIT displays the optimum action menu based on the import data.

For example…

1) Access the specified URL when reading QR codes used on TV present campaigns, courier absence slips, music event applications, coupon offers, etc.

2)Access product search when reading product barcodes (EAN codes). This is especially useful for magazines and books.

3)Make phone calls when reading phone numbers and create emails when reading email addresses.

...and so on.

*ICONIT is compatible with Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Thai and Vietnamese. Switching your terminal''s language settings will also switch the application''s language display.


What is QR?
It is 2D barcode that can hold much larger data than normal barcode like UPC code.
If your cellphone can read QR code, you may not need to type long web site address or people informations.
Most of cell phone with camera in Japan has qr code reader in it.

What is EAN code?
It is European Article Number, also in North America, it is known as UPC(Universal Product Code).
It is use for POS system, record number of items or shipping control items in the world.

Mediaseek''s "Barcode reader" is built-in over 200 million cell phones and use to scan the EAN code and QR code. We are No.1 barcode reader for cellphone in Japan now.
Until now people have to use big and expensive qr and barcode reader to read it but now they can use our system in their sell phone to scan it easily.

Recommended situation:
・While you read magazine, you find QR code on there. You can use our system to keep it as icon in your cellphone.
・Scan the barcode on the item you buy, you can get extra information.
・If some QR code show on TV, you can scan it to get more information.

Your smartphone become barcode reader! Any where, any time you can scan barcode easily! Popular tool application! Free Download!

【HP】 http://www.iconit.jp/en/

※Customer Support Languages:English & Japanese Support Only.

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