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Service Killer
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Service Killer is an application that specializes in stopping the service that runs in the background.
The goal is to reduce power consumption by stopping the operation of the unnecessary services that can not be pre-installed services, etc., you want to uninstall.
In addition to the ability to run periodically stop processing tasks and similar common killer app, it has the ability to perform processing triggered by the occurrence of an event to stop.
- Supported Event
- System startup complete
- Receive e-mail (only for DoCoMo)
- Application install / update
In addition, the situation can be seen running stop processing services, we also have the activity log display function.
Service Killer will stop only the services you have selected.In other words, you need to stop services you select.

See, please have a detailed description of application here.

Although this application make it possible to install to (SD) external media, you can not start automatically when you start to install the terminal and the external media.If you want to start automatically when the system startup, you start to install, please install to the internal memory.

- Some services are protected by mechanisms such as Permission of Android.Therefore, there is a service that can not stop at Service Killer.
- Some services are designed to automatically restart after being stopped.Therefore, it may appear to be stopped in the Service Killer, the service is running in after a while.
- By stopping the service, there is a possibility other apps or system will not work properly.Use of the Service Killer is at your own risk.

[About permissions]
Each permission to be used by this application are as follows.
- android.permission.INTERNET
- In order to stop the service that is protected by this permission.
- For display advertising
- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
- For display advertising
- android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
- In order to start automatically when you start terminal

[On request]
So you think about the bug requests for additional functions and pointed out who would like to correspond as much as possible, please contact your comment, via e-mail.
There are also no ads donation version. Please donate if you like this app.

★ toward that no service is stopped immediately.
If you have not stopped immediately because it is the most basic operation this app is attempting to stop the service on a regular basis.In addition, (It is said to have been more accurate and Bind) in the target service stop has been available from other apps, you will immediately revival services also been stopped.Since this is a mechanism of Android, this app can not deal unfortunately.Other, so we discussed in the following sections of this app works, I hope your read and enjoy if not read yet.
In addition, (please forgive me, but you may not immediately be able to respond to us) please contact us by e-mail if you have additional questions, such as a request.

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