Werewolf Online X

Werewolf Online X
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


In this application, users engage in battle with werewolves online.
New users, please refer to the “Entry method” segment in the Help section

- The Werewolf game
In this game, players are divided into a werewolf camp or a villagers camp. The villagers must attempt to discover the identity of the werewolves by questioning one another.
During each unit of time that represents a “day”, players vote for the characters they suspect to be werewolves. The character that receives the most votes is then executed. During the same period, the werewolves can select one character to attack.
Victory for the villagers is achieved by executing all werewolves. Victory for the werewolves is achieved by whittling down the villagers until they are outnumbered.

- Special features of this application
*As Werewolf Online X supports both Web and Smart Phone platforms, users can play and enjoy the game on their preferred device.
*As there is no requirement for a Game Manager, users who create villages can also participate in the game.
*All players should act out the part of a character. Their preferred image can be selected for use as a character icon.

- Local Rules
A number of local rules can apply to Werewolf. The following are those relating to the app.
*Games are conducted with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 16 participants.
*Roles are automatically allocated based on the number of participants.
*Lynching, divining, bodyguarding and attacking can all be conducted from Day One.

- Cautions
*A Google account is required to participate in the game.
*At the end of each game, each participant''s identity will be published. Please enter the name you wish to be used in the user information area.
*Please refrain from behaviour and contributions that may upset or inconvenience other players.

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