Happy trains! for Young kids

Happy trains! for Young kids
(2200 total ratings on Google Play)
Atech Inc. / Education
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(2200 total ratings on Google Play)


Let''s play with the trains! (for Young kids)

Let''s play with the trains! is an intellectual education app for young kids (Qualifying age : 6 years old and under).
Only your kids have to do is just tap and drag your screen, then the lines which drawn by them will begin to change train tracks.
Afterwards, the trains appear on the railway tracks.
Your kids learn a lot unconsciously with unique sound and movements.

There are 10 kinds of trains, so your kids can enjoy without getting bored.

Add a new Trains.
Adding Trains is "point" that uses a virtual currency.

* Accumulating points
- When you choose Accumulate points, you will be transferred to the pages operated by an ad service agency.
- You will be granted points when you operate all procedures to meet the points-granting terms and conditions on your terminal.
- Please note that, in case you change terminals, you cannot carry the data to the new one.
- With application installment, activate the application and you will be granted points.
* Please note that you are not eligible if you have already installed the application.
- Company will not cash points you obtained.
- * Please read Condition of Use carefully.

* How to use points (how to change trains)
- Tap and select the train which you want to exchange in the exchange screen.
- You can exchage points for trains when you have enough points.
- If you don''t have enough points to exchange, please accumulate enough points to exchange.

* View settings of the train
- You can select the train you wish to run in the view settings.
- To run the train, turn the button ON next to the train in the view settings screen.
- Turn the button OFF to not run the train.
- Tap the button to select ON or OFF.

*You can''t quit this app with the BACK button, because of avoiding young kids mistakes.
When you want to quit this app, use the quit button of the menu button.

How to play

- Tap and drag :
Please draw some lines, then the lines which drawn by them will begin to change train tracks.
Afterwards, the trains appear on the railway tracks.

- Menu screen :
The background color can be changed.

- Clear screen :
Shake to start over.

Please make sure to check all terms and Service before using.
When you download this application, it is assumed that you agree to all terms and Service.
Terms of Service : http://edu.atech.jp/en/Terms-of-Service/

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