My Dog My Room Free

My Dog My Room Free
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pascal inc. / Family
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(13.077k total ratings on Google Play)


Fixed some issues.

Take a picture of the living room, the park, and the bedroom as you like, and keep a cute puppy in your own room!!

The following features will be added in the paid version.
- The free version of the app will display advertisements. The paid version
will not display any advertisements.
-You can select all picture rooms.
-All hints to see puppies in "Friends"
will appear .
-You can get 1500 game coins.

* You can play with your puppy anytime in your room.
You can take a picture of your room with the camera feature and play with a puppy anytime in your virtual room in your smartphone.
Take a photo of your home, workplace, nearby park, etc. It will become puppy''s playgrounds everywhere.

* Play with your puppy!
Tap the screen and your puppy will come to you. Use your finger to pet
your puppy and make him or her happy and more active.
If you take good care of puppy, you get a lot of coins.
Their body shape will changes depending on the way to take care.

* Various ways to enjoy
You can feed and play ball with your puppy anywhere and anytime.
Also, you can change the room into 3D, and enjoy dressing up your puppy.

*Grow flowers in the garden!
You can grow the flowers in the garden.
If you take care them properly, a lots of flowers wil bloom. Also, your garden will change gradually.

* Rest your puppy on the bed
If your puppy looks tired, try to rest your puppy on the bed.
Their sleeping face is cute too!

* Let''s have two puppies in your room!
When you press "Adopt another one" button that is on the top of the puppy selection screen, you will be able to take care of two puppies together.

* Play with other puppies and kittens in the park!
Go to the park and you can see other puppies and kittens.
You can also visit their house!

* Get trophies!
If you continue puppy''s care, you can receive trophies as your effort!

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