Tap & Sound:WONDER RHYTHM2 0+

Tap & Sound:WONDER RHYTHM2 0+
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Kidzapplanet:無料のアプリで感性と考える力が養える!幼児・子供向け知育アプリブランド! / Education
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This is the second in the very popular rhythm education app series that children and infants can enjoy!
This is a service that lets children enjoy learning and playing while getting into the rhythm of children''s songs played on percussion instruments and so on by the sea creatures and forest animals that children and infants love.

It lets children enjoy the sounds and motions of a variety of objects, backed up by music loved by children and infants, developing their ability to recognize the shapes and sounds of animals and objects.
You can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as touching and shaking according to the age (in months) and behavior of your child, or touching in time to the rhythm of the music, all of which develop your child''s sense of rhythm and sensitivity.

★How to play★
Touch a character on the screen to experience realistic sounds and motions.
Tap the upper right icon to select a song and a scene to enjoy them in your favorite situation.
By touching a character in time to the rhythm of the music, your child can develop his or her sense of rhythm while having fun at the same time.
In some scenes, characters with a musical scale on them appear, so that your child can enjoy playing by him or herself as if he or she were playing the piano.
Needless to say, the app enables you to learn pure sounds without music, so you can play it according to your child''s age (in months) and his or her environment.
Both the parent and child can play eurhythmics together in time to the rhythm of music.

★Recommended ages★
This service is intended for children from infants to preschoolers, aged 0 to 6.
Both parents and children can enjoy playing it together.

★Feature 1★
You can select one of three types of scene, namely, children''s favorite "animals in the forest", "ducks march", and "creatures of the sea", and can enjoy realistic sounds and motions.
[Animals in the forest] Bear (big drum), tanuki or Japanese raccoon (Japanese drum), deer (cymbal), squirrel (castanet), rabbit (triangle), fox (trumpet):
By tapping the animals in time to the rhythm of the music, children can enjoy a feeling of playing percussion instruments and develop their sense of rhythm at the same time.

[Ducks march] A mother duck and her children are lined up on the musical scale of do re mi fa sol la si do:
Children can develop their ability to distinguish the scale even with the same sound, and can also develop their curiosity and enthusiasm to try to play instruments by themselves.

[Creatures of the sea] Gull, whale, dolphin, shrimp, octopus, crab:
By recognizing actual cries and onomatopoeic words according to the characters, children will come to associate them with the motions of creatures, so that they can develop their imagination and sensitivity.

The app uses colors that are easy for infants to recognize, so it can be used as learning material even by infants of only a few months to develop their sense of rhythm and sensitivity.

★Feature 2★
Full of songs that both a parent and child can enjoy together and which everyone knows!
The app can develop a child''s sense of rhythm with music, and offers a variety of eurhythmics and other elements that will enable them to enjoy learning.
Because the songs are familiar to everyone, and all fall under the theme of children''s songs from around the world, even the elderly can enjoy them together with their grandchild when taking care of him or her.
This is a free app and you will never be prompted to add pay songs or be concerned about your child purchasing them by mistake. You can use it without worry.
[Songs used]
- The Other Day I Met A Bear
- Chorus of frogs
- She''ll be Coming Round
- Father Abraham
- Oklahoma Mixer
- Korobushka
- I''ve Been Working on the Railroad
- Yankee Doodle
- Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree
- Pachelbel''s Canon
(10 songs in total)
* Because of the popularity of the original app of this series, two songs have been added!

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