Past Life (Kakaotalk Ver)

Past Life (Kakaotalk Ver)
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(210 total ratings on Google Play)


Are you curious about past lives and future of you and your friends?

☀ in a previous life, we
There are a lot of friends around. Relationship with a lot of them and in some ways goes live. Happened and I met this guy do? Less we met in a previous life? Answer some questions about the
And the answer is passed through katok to a friend that you wonder, as you can see.

☀ past life from our past lives, really?
Technology in a previous life, we see the latest technology context algorithm several past lives .... Can not see past lives ^ ^ friends and opportunities that can laugh too loud, but not meaning masigil please

☀ know past lives there?
Preview features are not supported. Acquaintances to many people spent the previous life a bit embarrassing that I do not even came that close! Said a lot of application haejusiji, but in a previous life "in the sense that we can diminish the fun of" support does not!

♦ ♦ How to use

Less - the sender and the recipient''s name in the blank.
Is fine because the past lives of two people drawn without leaving a name needs to be sent to the other party katok. We will write down the questions, two of the previous life.

Future / past lives excitable
Is "past lives and future," If you pick will need to write. If you''re curious about the past lives of two people If you''re curious about past lives, the future for the future pick!

Click ''Send''
All work has been completed, click the ''Send'' button cacao Flick your friends list appears. Chosen (or groups) who wish to press OK after the end ~!

♦ IMHO let''s try!
Were intimate friends was a long time since there is no contact to say when
Lover and
- My favorite singer and the transmigration of the character?
Now my next pet and the transmigration of wondering when

Must &&& cacao Flick! &&&
&&& Cacao Story, the story of our cacao must be installed! &&&

Sentence writing, with the name of the app search the event! http://mnworld.co.kr/1409

 Given sentence help:
 Should love ♥ (developer), to make sure the emerald, hyerin Happy birthday, yoga fairy, dunce, Pan we are best friends forever, I love you, not noegeum yigeonsik, Kim, Jin - Beom ♥, bakseonhye and friends, Osamu Yamato, Kim, Hyun - Ji ♥ Kim Ki Nam, jinseok Oh, I love seohyomin, Hyunjin Oh Allah byung ♥ - yunbi three Eun Do I love you ♥, YS ♥ YC, Jae Hee ♥ paper, Akatsuki, calligraphy hongyujin favorite, I''m merely a cafe-chan ♥, my love heat, Sunny Hill yiahhyeon, foreplay, love, love the jackpot Nazare The writer is the truth!, yieunsol, people Genie, sinhyangsuk love love baktaesan love ♥, I shipowners, of Ginny I love you ♥ ♥, gwonhyeokjun, Chemists love, donggyu love, love yeomsugyeong wonjeongmi

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