Mimi Sketchbook Princess Lite

Mimi Sketchbook Princess Lite
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Mets HIT Inc. / Education
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(740 total ratings on Google Play)


★ Every little girl in the world can become a princess!

Mimi''s sketchbook is a coloring series app that uses themes in a storytelling format.
In the first story, I would like to introduce Princess Mimi~

Anyone can be a beautiful princess in Mimi''s castle.
You can color, dress yourself up with shiny accessories and become a princess like the ones in a fairytale.
We would like to invite you now to Mimi''s castle.

★ Characteristics
① Mimi''s ball and princess in a fairytale, there are two stories.
Shall we dance with the prince to some beautiful music? Shall we become a beautiful princess in a fairytale?
Just thinking about it makes my heart race.yddjhgj

② There are pictures of the beautiful Princess Mimi in a wide variety of concepts.
Oh my! There are so many pictures of the lovable and beautiful Princess Mimi in a wide variety of concepts. If you choose Fairy Mimi then Cinderella Mimi will be sad and if
you choose Snow White Mimi then Little Mermaid Mimi will be sad~What should we do~ Hee hee~Just wait~I will make them all pretty.

③ What I am sketching! That is a true sketchbook~Swish swish~So easy~ If you turn the light on Mimi''s sketchbook, like magic, the silhouette of a picture appears~Tada! Wow~by drawing along the silhouette of the picture anyone can draw a beautiful picture of Mimi.

④ More than just having fun coloring! I can make my very own princess.
Colored pencils, paints, crayons? No~use the special tools made just for Mimi to design your very own Princess Mimi. It''s more than just copying and recording, experience
art that allows you to express yourself, think and create a story.

⑤ The picture that I drew and decorated is moving.
Using beautiful music, graphics and a variety of effects the picture I drew and decorated comes to life. It''s just like going into the picture book.

⑥ Tell a story. Also create a story.
Listen to the story that can be found in each picture and this time try creating your own story. Through pictures and stories as you create your very own story about Princess
Mimi your way of thinking and your creativity grows deeper and deeper~

- Website : http://www.mets.co.kr
- Tel : 02-512-0797

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