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[ OnTimeAlarm, OnTimeAlert]

* If you liked the app using the look around, please introduce your friends a lot of travelers . ^ __ ^
* If you do not want all the time, on-time of the alarm if the alarm is OFF toggle button .

*** Screen lock function modules have been added. : App installed, then run the screen shown in the Accept check the items on the screen if you can use the screen lock feature. - Background picture settings, sound settings, you can set various widgets. Background image is specified, refer to the screenshot of the last screen.(Background shown in the figure is the person who made OnTimeAlarm App.) ***
Some of the advertising revenue are UNICEF (The United Nations Children''s Fund) are donated to.
Have a happy day today with this app. Thanks a lot.

ps. Korean updated five -year-old daughter in a baby voice the voice of jiinbun goods. How real do not know. Any chance of our users who should have 4-5 year old children recorded a sharp reminder time by e-mail , please send your review I will look after you to mount . -_-; ;

* In addition to 12 noon appointment that you wish to promote the appointment of you who put the developers , please mail to .

- A very simple structure, one of the screen
- Digital Clock Home Screen Widget Support
- Weekday or weekend alarm times can be set individually
- If every time a Korean baby voice, English female voice , English male voice , female voice Korean , Japanese female voice , Chinese female voice , a new sound (5 seconds) , frog sounds (5 seconds), the sound of waves and seagulls (5 sec. ) informs that a right angle .
- Alarm time setting ( setting the desired time of 24 hours ).
- Set the alarm volume ( the volume of the alarm settings alryeojun , then return to the original volume of media ).
- Set the duration of the status bar notification support ( still , 10 seconds, 60 seconds)
- Google Store Go menu.
- Information on the menu page, add the App link.
- English Support
- Japanese support ( contributor : songchihun - live in Japan )
- Chinese Support
- An incoming call , during a call to stop the alarm play
- The phone in silent mode ( not the default mode ), the default setting is vibration , sound + vibration , sound, vibration, or mute / vibration alarm that can be set to the on-time ( four settings )
( Vibration, unusual can easily see that the right angle )
- Select the alarm tone volume is set at the current time, the alarm sound preview support
- When one -time digital clock showing the current time and then watch the screen automatically after 20 seconds finished. Saved when you touch the Exit button ( optional)
- Ringtone volume setting if you use the top breech good .
Step 3 ringtone widget support (sound only, vibrate only, using sound + vibration )
- If you use a headset , on-time notifications vibrate instead of sound or to choose not to inform
- Add screen lock module
App After installation, run the display shown on the screen and check the Accept items
Wallpaper settings, sound settings, widget settings other
Set whether to use the screen lock feature

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