Learn English Hindi

Learn English Hindi
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English Hindi learning suite to help develop your vocabulary.
- Word match game. Match four head words with their translations.
- Advanced mode randomizes from the full dictionary, while the standard option selects from the most commonly used words.
- Review the study session history as a full word list.

** May require third party TTS voices for full speech support


Q. How do I play the Word Match game
A. Select New, then touch the head word in the left column and it''s matching word in the right column. Its colour will change. Repeat this for all words and then select Submit to check the answers

Q. I am a more advanced learner can I play a harder set of words
A. Yes, tick the Advanced box to play against the full dictionary or untick to play against the 1500 words needed for high school

Q. Can I type an answer for the head word intead of having multiple choices, for the flashcard game
A. Yes, this is for more advanced learners. Untick the Multiple Choice box, type your answer and select Submit.

Q. Can I use the Word Match game as a revision aid or word of the day
A. Yes, select Revise to see the left and right words in matching order

Q. Can I see synonyms in the word games
A. Yes, touch any word in the game, after you have submitted your answer, to see synonyms and the broader meanings for each word.

Q. Can I see a list of words that have been used in the games
A. Yes, select Review History from the main menu

Q. Can I see synonyms in the History
A. Yes, touch any word in the history list to display synoyms

Q. Can I clear the game history
A. Yes, use a long touch on the list of word to be prompted to clear the history

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