Blurred LauncherPro Icon Pack

Blurred LauncherPro Icon Pack
(380 total ratings on Google Play)
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(380 total ratings on Google Play)


This is an Icon Pack specifically for Launcher Pro & Launcher Pro Plus 0.8.6+.

**You must have the most recent version of Launcher Pro/Plus installed on your Android device in order to apply these icons! This app is not a standalone app, which means that it will not "open" or run on it''s own.** (For further instructions, please read ALL of my description)

This LP Icon Pack was inspired by the new MotoBlur style, and created specifically for those who want the same look of the icons on phones with the new MotoBlur (such as the Droid 3). For this set, you''ll find the exact icons (pulled directly from the D3 system files). In addition to those, I custom designed over 200 third party app icons to look similar to the stock icons'' style, totalling almost 300.


Instructions (Assumes you ALREADY have Launcher Pro installed on your device):

1. Download and install this Icon Pack app. *. If you are installing this from your phone, do not try to "open" it directly from your Market app, simply press ''back'' until you are back at your Launcher Pro home screen*

2. Once the Icon Pack is finished installing to your device, open your ''LauncherPro Menu''. You can do this by pressing the ''Menu'' button on your phone once you''re back to your LauncherPro Homescreen. From your LP home ''Menu'', select ''Preferences''.

3. From your ''Preferences'' screen in LP, select: ''Theme Settings'' > ''Icon Pack'' (drop down menu) > ''Blur Nuevo LP Icon Pack''*

*Immediately after selecting the new Icon Pack you will see a message pop-up "Restart required". PRESS ''YES''.
If you do this correctly, you should now see your icons have changed! ;)


If you would like to see more icons similar to this style for other apps included in the set, then please send your requests to icons@hyperfocusedinc.com.


This set is made only for Launcher Pro/Plus. If I get a decent amount of requests, then I will take the time to make this a theme for ADW Launcher/EX too that includes wallpapers and the option to customize your dock icons! ;)<----******[UPDATE: I got a few requests to make this into a full ADW Launcher theme, so I did! :) You can find it here:


If you''re a LauncherPro user, the theme can be applied to LauncherPro as an upgrade/paid version if you are looking for more app icons than are already in this free version. I added a lot of new apps icons to the Blurred.Nuevo Theme (link above) ]


I put a great deal of time and effort into my work, so please be respectful of that.

All of your support is greatly appreciate!

Respectful and literate comments/ratings are encouraged. Thanks :)


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