Ninja Chicken Adventure Island

Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
(48.99k total ratings on Google Play)
PlayScape / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 1.0M
(48.99k total ratings on Google Play)


Yes, Ninja Chicken is back WITH FRIENDS to save chicken-kind from the Evil Dog''s oppression.

The Sensei has sent Ninja Chicken to Adventure Island in order to sabotage the plans of the Evil Dog who has captured the poor chickies and condemned them to a life of slavery in the dirty pit. The chickens required to work the mines to find the Golden Fabergé Acorn and the Hens forced to lay eggs to add to his criminal wealth…
Out of the darkness and into the light, Ninja Chicken is here to save the day – rescuing his family and his fellow chickies from the filthy mines on his way to retrieve the Fabergé Acorn!

Now you can join forces with your buddies and beat the dog together.

Use the map to reach the Evil Dog''s hideout, reach the edges of the Island and enter a new unknown world. Enjoy beautiful sceneries, thrilling gameplay and a never-before felt experience while joining the Ninja on his mission and stop the Evil Capitalist Dog from his plot against the chickies.

It''s time to team up on Adventure Island - because 3 people are better than two, and two are definitely better than one. Let''s go.

How to Play:

• Use the arrow buttons on the side of the screen to maneuver.
• Press up to jump
• Press down to slide
• Don’t die


•50 levels on 1 map leading the way to victory
• 3 steaming locations – the Factory, the Quarry and the Harbor!
• Tablet support for your favorite game play
• New active boosters – get more coins with the all-time favorite, coin magnet!
• Fresh defensive boosters – the Iron Diaper will protect Ninja from anything that attacks from below. Want protection from above? Use the protective Helmet.
• Cool powerups – watch out of the love potion it will slow you down
• Get assistance from jungle animals – the snake will act as a trampoline to help Ninja on his way.
• Beware of the rotten fruit it will cloud your way.

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