Remy Lite

Remy Lite
(560 total ratings on Google Play)
Mooblia / Puzzle
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(560 total ratings on Google Play)


Remy is a fun and addictive game inspired by the original version called Rummikub invented in the 1930s. You play against a virtual opponent and you need to try and match all the tiles on your board into either valid Runs and/or valid Groups. There are three levels of difficulty (only one available in this Lite version), each trying to challenge your attention and your strategic capabilities for setting up the tiles.

Features and basic rules of the FULL FEATURED REMY APP (not this one):

- Game: you play against a virtual opponent in single-player mode
- Difficulty levels: there are 3 difficulty levels in this game: Easy, Medium and Hard.
- "Weapons of engagement": there are a total number of 106 tiles + 2 jokers in the game.
- Game-play: at any one point in time you will have either 14 or 15 tiles on your board and you will need to arrange all of them in either valid Runs and/or Groups
- Objective: place every tile on your board in a valid Run and/or Group before your opponent does the same
- The jokers: the jokers can be used to substitute any tile.
- Limitations: there aren''t any. You can play this game until you drop from exhaustion.

The LITE version (this one) includes everything above but has a few LIMITED FEATURES:

- Difficulty levels: only the Easy difficulty level is available, the Medium and Hard ones are locked
- Tiles: the two Joker tiles are not available

For more details on how to play the game see the in-game "Rules" page accessible from the main menu of the app.

We value every piece of feedback we receive, actually we encourage you to send us any kind of feedback (maybe some cool ideas for the game) so we know how we''re doing. You can do so from inside the app, just tap the "Feedback" button and it will redirect you to the feedback form.

*Note: If you would like to unlock all the features of this app then please see the full featured version ("Remy") listed in the store.

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