3D Pac Farm

3D Pac Farm
(1400 total ratings on Google Play)
Gamer Bear / Adventure
Downloads: 100k
(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


3D Pac Farm is an addictive, but also fun to play game which is suitable for just about
anyone as it features both a great storyline, but also a fun way of playing the actual game.

After being haunted by ghosts for a period of time and noticing a couple of strange
appearances and paranormal activity, Mr Pac and Mrs Pac left their farm for some time with
the hope that the spirits will eventually disappear. After some time, they finally decided that
it would be wise for them to come back and continue taking care of their beloved animals.

They did, and after just a little bit of time, their house was burnt to the ground due to the
paranormal activity that they have been encountering. This not only made them leave the
farm early because of the dangers, but the animals actually decided that it was their turn to
fight the evil creatures which were slowly taking over the house.

Right after the owners left, everything was a mess. The farm was full of coconuts and it was
invaded by a wide arrange of different nasty creatures including ghosts, zombies, dragons
and werewolves, all there with the idea of casing chaos and transforming everything into a
pure disaster. Now, it is the turn of the farm animals to work together and clear the farm of
all the nasty creatures.

In order to make the game even better, 3D Pac Farm offers users a couple of
great interactive features that work together towards making the game playable, but also
interesting and addictive. With this in mind, the game features 4 different lovely farm
animals that can be used to combat the nasty creatures, lots of levels which get harder as
the player proceeds with the storyline and plays more, two different game modes, one of
which allows you to go through the game by following each level whereas the other one
is a sort of tournament that tries to see how far you can get with the help of three lives
only. Other features that are included and make the game great include the simple fact
that it offers the classic pacman gameplay which is sure to keep those who love the game
interested for a very long period of time. When it comes down to the actual use of use that
3D Pac Farm gives its users, the controls are extremely simple as you can either choose to
go through the game by tapping or swiping and the choice is entirely up to the player.
By keeping all of the features which have been described in mind together with
the great storyline and idea behind the game, it is safe to say that 3D Pac Farm is great for
players of all ages and it also works as a great way to create a sense of competition, thanks
to the fact that you can also share your records through Facebook without any trouble at all,
thus creating a great experience.

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