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We have distinguished the most visceral and aggressive racing games covering multiplayer, head-to-head, against time competitions.

Most popular and new released racing games are available in this miscellany. Our editors expert in games have distinguished the high quality games from stuff games of the android market to create an alternative way. You cannot play the games on the game list. With ''install'' button, you will be directed to the android market if you have internet connection.

Our editors follow the latest racing games and subcategory games like draft racing, drift racing, 4x4 racing games. Then, they categorize them as free, paid and star so that you can find the free racing games easily and fast. On one app, you can access the best car racing games allowing you to live intense driving experience powered by brand-new physics engines. Get ready to endless entertainment in different race tracks and vehicles from heavy trucks to motorbikes. We have selected specially the ones where you can change your car color, rims, and increase maneuver, acceleration and brake capabilities.


- Daily update
- A private collection of the choicest racing games
- Free and paid categories enabling you to access free games
- Games videos
- A complete list of the 3D racing games covering truck racing, car racing and others
- Star category including the eximious games chosen by the editor
- Most popular and new released racing games
- Stunning screenshots of the games on an introductory basis

What''s new?

- Game reviews are added so you can gain insight into the games.
- You can write your comments about the app and games in speech bubbles.
- Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate how to play.


- All kinds of racing games in one app
- Ease of access to the latest and most popular racing games of android market
- Friendly user interface design
- Similar games recommended
- File size under 1 megabyte
- Fast installing
- Compatible with nearly all android versions of phones and tablets

About the games on our list:

Please note that these features are not for the each game on our list but for some of them.

- Off-road racing games where you control 4x4 vehicles, monster trucks on mountainous terrains, deserts, muddy roads
- Monster trucks, motorbikes, cars, rally and karting vehicles to race at high speed
- Quick Race modes and Career modes
- Games with brand-new physics engines for more intense driving experience
- Endless vehicle customisations to increase your car performance
- Many turns giving you a chance to pass your rivals by using your handling and cornering skills
- Karting and rally racing games to dive into the visceral sports
- Different games in some of which you can touch or tilt to steer
- On-coming traffic and endless traffic to test your driving skills
- 3D car racing games with stunning, high fidelity graphics making your experience more exciting

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