Security Camera Alarm System

Security Camera Alarm System
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20:20 Camera Security / Tools
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(230 total ratings on Google Play)


We can convert any Android device into an advanced, HD security camera. YES. We can turn a standard smartphone or tablet INTO a remote, web enabled security camera!

++ You need at least two Android devices to use our system. One to use as the camera, the other to use as the remote viewer ++

The cameras work as a remote alarm system, sending warnings to your everyday phone within seconds of picking up activity. All images are stored to our cloud server for instant retrieval. View cameras live in full HD from your everyday phone.

Our system has all of the great features you expect to see on high end cameras. Advanced motion detection, cloud recording, full web integration, HD resolution, smart phone control, instant alerts, wi-fi and 3G connectivity. And a lot more.

++ How Does It Work? ++

A modern smartphone already contains the hardware used by expensive security cameras. A powerful processor, lots of memory, a HD camera, Wi-Fi and 3G. So it''s a perfect platform to use as a security camera. And because smartphones are made in their tens of millions, the cost of the technology that they contain is extremely low. Far lower that you''d find in a comparable security camera. So that means you are getting all of the technology you need, but for a fraction of the cost.

++ Field Tested, Proven Technology ++

20:20 is a proven system from an established security camera manufacturer. We have been building high end security cameras for years in our local market. By offering our code in the form of an app that you load onto a phone, we can let people all over the world use our advanced camera security systems. It''s just that you can provide the hardware.

Using our app and utilising any spare phones you might have, you can build a multi camera remote alarm system that is fantastic value for money.

In just three easy steps you can be up and running:
1. Download the app and setup your devices
2. Put the ‘camera’ in position and take the ‘monitoring’ device with you
3. Remotely record and watch the live action!

Everything required for a complete business or home security system. Buy additional phones/cameras from our website http://2020hd.com/

+ Uses the same code as current high-end commercial security systems.
+ Fast and simple setup.
+ Portable and usable at home, business or in your car.
+ Supports full HD video surveillance viewing and recording.
+ Multiple camera support in multiple locations.
+ Advanced motion detection monitoring built in.
+ Live remote security camera viewing.
+ Audio Alerts. Warnings are supplied, or you can record your own.
+ De-activate specific areas to stop false alarms.
+ Set alarm sensitivity. Avoids false alarms.
+ Share your surveillance camera with friends and family.
+ Wifi security camera and 3G connectivity.
+ In app alarm alerts.
+ Multiple recipients.
+ Remote arming/disarming.
+ Cloud storage. View all video surveillance recordings instantly from any phone.
+ Low bandwidth consumption. Only on viewing and uploading alarms.

Watch over all the things you care about. Use it for home and business security, car, boat and garage security as well as baby or pet monitoring. You can add multiple cameras in multiple locations. Or, you can share your security cameras and monitoring with your friends.

Download the 20:20 Security Camera and Surveillance app today!


You can e-mail us with your comments and questions to: twenty20hd@gmail.com

Visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/2020hd
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/2020security
Try our Website http://2020hd.com/

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