Car Dock Home v3

Car Dock Home v3
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Fully customizable car home replacement.

UNINSTALL NOTE: This app will be a ''Device Administrator'' if you activate the ''Lock screen on undock'' feature. You must deactivate the feature, or remove the app from your phone''s device administrator before you can uninstall. Go to your phone''s settings, Location & Security, Device Administrator, disable Car Dock Home v3, then uninstall as usual.

Add your favorite apps, shortcuts and widgets to as many as 7 screens, for easy access in the car. Defaults to a screen of 2x3 cells for large easy touch buttons.

Shortcut and app buttons can be renamed and given custom images.

* Full size widget support
* Landscape dialer pad (work in progress, but functions)
* Landscape contacts, and starred contacts

Supports many automatic settings when phone enters/exits car mode, like

* enable gps
* disable wifi
* enable bluetooth
* all volumes to max ( bugs: misses navigation volume, and ringer... )
* turn off device on undock

Layout customizations

* Landscape/Portrait lock
* icon grid anywhere from 1x1 to 4x4
* full screen or not
* paging buttons, or not
* smooth scrolling like your home app.
* Icons scaling options.

Screen timeout

* set timeout/inactivity page independent of start page. ( This is why people think it changes pages on it''s own... cause it does... but you can control it. )
* OR pick a widget that will be displayed as a screen saver.


* Landscape friendly contact list & starred contacts list
* Navigation link that attempts to resume navigation if maps app is running ( not 100% reliable, a work in progress )
* exit car mode
* visit desktop without leaving car mode.

Your Input is Welcome!

Note: home key while in Car Dock app only takes you to start page if Car Dock app is set as default car home and you are in car mode. Car Dock does not automatically put the phone in car mode... Try google''s ''Car Home'' icon to launch car mode on froyo, or my ''Car Dock Control'' for eclair/froyo/gingerbread...

If you don''t like my dialer and contacts, you can use your own... Many complain that the stock Android dialer/contacts app doesn''t support landscape, but I''ve found that it does, but on many phones you have to enable auto rotation in the dialer app preferences.

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