SolGroup - Organize groups

SolGroup - Organize groups
(740 total ratings on Google Play)
SolStudio at Daum / Social
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(740 total ratings on Google Play)


■Introducing SolGroup by SolStudio! ■
SolGroup is the 3rd app series released by Sol Studio, followed by SolMail and SolCalendar which were chosen as the 2 out of 30 most beautiful apps of Android by TNW.
As SolStudio is well-known for its beautiful designs, SolGroup is also another piece of art that could fascinate many people.

■ With whom can you use SolGroup together? ■
- Families for bonding and keeping in touch
- Couples for remembering unforgettable moments
- Friends for chit chat to secreat talks
- Coworkers for sharing benchmarking materials
- Classmates for conducting group projects

■ Features ■
1. [Easy to Join & Invite] Just sign-up and invite your friends with your Facebook account or mobile number.
2. [Private Communication] Share private Timelines individually with your groups!
3. [Automatic Archiving] Uploaded photos, videos, links and places get stored automatically.
4. [Notice] You can check who read the notice and who didn''t. Make sure no one misses out an important notice!
5. [Go Dutch] So easy to split the bill with SolGroup! We do all the calculations for you.
6. [Manage Events] No need to count the comments to figure out who''s coming or not. We give you the list of participants.
7. [Poll] Carry out a poll to make quick and reasonable decision.
We support 8 different posting types including some of the above to run groups efficiently.
Get together at SolGroup!

* Video - http://youtu.be/_iQkDQ6FCLs
* Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/group.solstudio
* iOS version - https://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/id820692880

※ If you have any queries or discover any bug or errors, please contact us via our CS Center (http://cs.daum.net/m/ask?serviceId=358)
※ We''re looking for volunteer translators! If you''re interested in translating SolGroup into any language, please contact us via e-mail: solgroup.us@gmail.com

What is SolStudio?
We try to shine your life like a gleaming sun with the essential services.
Make your day even brighter with SolStudio sister apps.
- SolMail http://bit.ly/13Rhul5
- SolCalendar http://bit.ly/19pbi2s
- SolGroup http://bit.ly/1opG9n8

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