SolCalendar - Calendar / To do

SolCalendar - Calendar / To do
(40.784k total ratings on Google Play)
SolStudio at Daum / Productivity
Downloads: 1.0M
(40.784k total ratings on Google Play)


We are proud to announce the new SolCalendar 1.5, reviewed by more than 10,000 Beta testers.
This visually-engaging, powerful piece of app will guide users to live a passionate life, by providing effective time & task management tools and Infotainment.

SolCalendar is a globally-recognized calendar app that has topped millions of downloads on Android.
It is well known for it''s beautiful design and intuitive functions, and it has been introduced in major IT medias such as TNW, engadget, and addictivetips as one of the best alternatives for Google Calendar.

• A perfect alternative for Google Calendar (engadget, USA)
• The most beautiful Android calendar app – TNW
• Delightful features such as stickers and weather, with an outstanding design (echtudo, Brazil)
• An amazing, rarely seen calendar app (wandoujia, China)
• A diamond in the rough (365apps, France)


Intuitive UX
• Manages your events, special days and to-dos
• Supports Month, Week, Day, Agenda and To-do views
• Offers various repeat options
• Allows to set different timezones for app and event

Manage To-dos
• Syncs with Google Tasks
• Various repeat options for to-dos

Fancy widgets for your homescreen
• Polished Widgets that would decorate your homescreen
• Various widget types: Calendar, Agenda, Day, To-do, Countdown, Shortcut widgets etc)

Weather Forecast and Map integration
• Location-based, real-time weather information
• Provides Weekly weather forecast
• Google Maps & Foursquare Place API integrated

Lunar calendar and holidays by countries
• Supports Lunar calendar & Holiday calendars of 41 countries
• Supports 22 languages (thanks to the volunteer translators)

Stickers for your special events
• Stickers to mark or remember your important day
• New simple stickers(mono-tone) updated
(* Stickers will be continuously updated)

SolCalendar is an effective life management tool that could replace your paper calendars, memos, post-its, planners , diaries and etc.
Carry them all in one app. It offers an intuitive and friendly UX.

SolCalendar Syncs with:

• Google Calendar, Exchange
• Daum Calendar, iCloud, Yahoo! Calendar, Yahoo! Japan Calendar, and any other calendar services that support CalDAV.
• Google Tasks

[Our volunteer translators around the world]

• Finnish : Tuuli Helminen / Patrik Selin
• Indonesian : Oloan Sembiring / Wensen Roselan / Mzaifuddin
• Italian : Fabrizio Santillo / Fabrizio Oddo / Karolina Gaiofatto / Tito Neroni
• Danish : Nicklas Møller
• German : Daniel Marcato / Jonas Straßer / Martin Philippi / Michael Grandjean / tim.w.de
• French : Cedric Dubuis/ Tim Walter / Lee Chae Young
• Russian : Andrew Skobtsov / Lim Heewon / Anastasia Yugay / Alexandr Krasnobelov
• Turkish : Muhammet AKTAŞ
• Spanish : Melissa H. / Cintli
• Chinese : Jeun Eun Chang
• Japanese : Lee Ga Young
• Thai : Piraya Y.
• Dutch : Edgar Newland / Niels Kikkert
• Polish : Andrzej L. / Michal Kiender
• Vietnamese : Natalie Dubs
• Catalan : Catalan
• Malay : yoska de jong
• Portuguese (Brazil) : Augusto S Biffi / Eduardo Moura / Tito de Seu / Felipe Pedroti Raymundo
• Hindi : Aarish Madaan / madhavdivya
• Hebrew : Dayvid Gill (Hebrew will be supported soon)
• Arabic : Argoubi Asma (Arabic will be supported soon)

(We''re looking for volunteer translators! If you''re interested in translating SolCalendar into any language, please contact us via e-mail: solcalendar@daum.net)
* Go to SolCalendar> Settings> Contributors around the world to view SolCalendar''s translators!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any queries, ideas or reports.

• SolCalendar User Community: http://goo.gl/vLUfWt
• Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/LoveSolCalendar
• Twitter : @SolApps

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