A Walk in the Clouds(FREE)

A Walk in the Clouds(FREE)
(550 total ratings on Google Play)
Nihon Enterprise Co.,Ltd. / Personalization
Downloads: 100k
(550 total ratings on Google Play)


"A Walk in the Clouds" is a live wallpaper you can use for free.
Characters float in the sky, slowly moving towards the upper part of a screen.

★ A total of seven kinds of characters appear when you touch the screen.
★ You can move the characters by tilting the screen.
★ Once a while large characters may appear.
★ A total of seven kinds of characters appear when you touch the screen.
★ You can move the characters by tilt
★A background color changes by time.
★There is some hidden action too: try to find it!
[Hint] If you hold something down long...

☆A design can be purchased and set up.

※ Depending on the state of memory usage, the application may not run/be set up correctly.
If that occurs, reset the terminal and set the application again.
※ Screen may become black after updating.
If that occurs, select another wallpaper and set the application again.
※ Wallpaper settings may be erased when using an application that forces termination of running programs.
Please include this live wallpaper in the excluded applications list.
※ Sometimes home applications may interfere with the hidden action.
※ Uninstallation of an application will reset the purchase status of a purchase design.

<Opinions & requests>
We are currently receiving numerous requests from users. All of your
requests are viewed daily by operation staff and will be methodically
implemented as revisions for future versions.

Please send your requests, opinions and impressions to the email address
listed below.


Our company is not able to respond to inquiries which are entered in the
“Review” section of Android Market.
Regarding inquiries on malfunctions and utilization, detailed
information such as the user’s model will enable our staff to provide
solutions. Please send such information by email.

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