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"PLAY!M@IL☆FREE" is a free mailer application for smartphones that can create, send and receive decomail (Decome).
We bundled over 500 free Decome items with the application.
Now you can also download a free trial Decome package.

○●The feature of "PLAY*M@IL" ●○
・Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! JAPAN mail, and au one mail accounts.
・Compatible with multiple accounts.
・Comes with 500 Decome items preinstalled.
・Works with Emoji, Chibideco, pictures, and templates.
・You can also purchase additional Decome items.
・You can use Decome items you have received, or images saved on the SD card as Decome.
・You can manage your favorite Decome.
・Equipped with "arrangement" functions capable of changing font colors, background color, and font size.
・Also supports automatic reception of new mail.
・Widget shows the number of unread mail.

Striving to make the application even easier to use, we will do our best to improve the functions further in the future.

○●Introduction of the paid version●○
・Comes with 1000 items preinstalled.
・Offers comfortable reading with no advertising.

○●Important notes●○
・Please understand beforehand that it may take some time to receive mail for the first time.
"・Please enable IMAP access if using a Gmail account.
If it is not enabled, you will not be able to perform the account settings."
"・The application will not be able to automatically receive mail if ""PLAY!M@IL☆FREE"" is targeted for forced termination in a task killer application.
Please make sure in the settings that the application is not targeted by task killers."
・If the addressee is using a mailer incompatible with Decome, the mail will not be displayed correctly.
・If the application is uninstalled, all the received and sent mail will be also deleted.
・You will still be able to use the additionally purchased Decome unless they are deleted from the SD card.
"・If you have many mails that are large in size, the application will also become bulky.
To keep the application small, please delete all unnecessary mails."
"・In order to keep the application small, we made it incompatible with mail formatted in HTML such as mail magazines sent from PCs.
(We plan to solve the compatibility issue in the future)"
"・If the addressee uses a spam mail filter, your mail may not be delivered.
In that case, you will have to contact the person and ask him or her to set the filter to authorize receipt of your messages."
※ Information on authorization of "Import of contact data"
"When you are installing or updating the application, you will notice that an item titled ""Import of contact data"" has been added to the list of authorized items under ""Agree and download"". Please note that it does not mean that the application acquires your telephone numbers or telephone records, and that you are merely authorize the application to use your address book when selecting mail addresses.
Be completely reassured as no private information in any form will be disclosed."

"We are receiving many requests from our customers.
All of the requests are checked daily by the management staff, and we plan on addressing them one by one in future upgrades."
Please send your requests, opinions, and comments to the mail address below.
We do not answer the inquiries sent via the "Review" field of Android Market.
Also please note that to enable our company''s staff to provide you with a solution for your problem or answer questions about how to use the application, you may need to answer some questions and give us detailed information such as the model of the phone you are using, so please make all inquiries by mail.

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