Fast File Manager

Fast File Manager
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Ecler Studios / Tools
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(2200 total ratings on Google Play)


Introducing Fast File Manager - the elegant, beautiful and fresh way to manage your files

We understood that with potentially thousands of files on your mobile device, it is often hard to find the one that you are looking for. Whether you have downloaded a file from the internet or from your computer - you can find it quickly with Fast File Manager for your Android device.

Fast File Manager is a modern and fresh way to index and to find all files within your Android device. The minimalistic UI lets you get to what you want, when you want. With our latest application, you are able to browse and manage all of your files on both internal storage and expandable storage like Micro SD cards. The innovative file manager allows you to open any supported file types, for immediate viewing, wherever you are.

“Fast File Manager is lightweight and extremely minimalistic - it’s just you and your files”

With the Fast File Manager you can create, delete, attach, zip, rename and move single or multiple files at any one time. It’s simplicity - and it’s right at your fingertips. Open and rename folders on the fly - cut and paste folders to alternate locations on your mobile device. We have crammed advanced features in a neat and clean package. If you see an image file that you would like to view, simply tap it to open the preview window.

Another useful function of the Fast File Manager app is the ability to unzip .zip files straight from the application. Download a zipped file on your phone? It’s no problem to unzip with Fast File Manager. You are also able to install .apk files directly to your Android device. App installation has never been easier.

Once you have found a specific files, you are able to upload to Dropbox or to send files by email using the client, Gmail. Or, if you cannot find the file you are looking for at a glance - simply index your device by searching for a file with our added search function! It’s the search engine for your device.

Download Fast File Manager today and experience the elegant, beautiful and fresh way to manage your files.

- Browse and manage files on your Android device internal memory and on SD card
- Create, delete, attach, zip, rename, move, cut and copy folders (directories) and files - single or multiply
- View and edit files and folders
- Preview thumbnails for image files
- unzip .zip files directly in the app
- Install .apk files directly from the app
- Send files via Gmail or upload them directly to Dropbox
- Search for files or folders

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