Lie Detector (True or False)

Lie Detector (True or False)
(1400 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


Best "True or False" Fake Scanner for Android devices! I am using it daily to fool my kids!

Now you can exam your family and friends if they are saying true or false! Before trying make sure you know answer to all questions! Fool them you may check if they lie - and they will never lie you again!

Great looking Lie Detector will make your kids or friends believe you can check if they are telling truth or lie! Great pictures and realistic sounds make this app great prank or kids controlling tool! You can control the result before even starting the scan!

This Lie Detector is not giving random results if you do not want it! You can totally control what it shows with a simple trick!

You can also use this at school, home or parties gatherings among friends and whenever else you want to show people the amazing (and fake) capabilities of your phone!

How to control result:
1. Look on the color of middle led (only middle one is important!),
2. Tilt your phone to right or left to change the color of middle led (green - true, red - false, yellow - random)
3. Push "Start Detector!" or touch Meter (now you may rotate phone any way you want and wait for the result)

To keep this app 100% free, you will receive the following - shortcut icon on your home screen and notifications. This will help me bring you more updates and cool apps like this. The permissions added are needed for those. You can Drag & Drop the icon to the garbage, this will not affect the app in any way.

Have fun!!! Let us know in the comment how you have fooled your family and friends!

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