BVP Baseball 2011 Lite

BVP Baseball 2011 Lite
(970 total ratings on Google Play)
Nalbam Soft / Sport games
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(970 total ratings on Google Play)


-THE BVP BASEBALL returns with more interesting contents. ''THE BVP BASEBALL 2O11''

A new style of a baseball game appears in the android market.
Not too complicated and not too simplistic. Optimized for mobile game users.
A real, easy and unique baseball game.

Hit and pitch a ball for the win. THE BVP BASEBALL 2011 is an active baseball game.
BVP means ''Batter vs Pitcher''.

The main content of ''the BVP BASEBALL 2011'' is
the showdown between the batter and the pitcher, the core of a baseball game.
THE BVP BASEBALL describes vividly the thrilling match of pitchers and batters.

Win the game through the best use of your batters and pitchers.
You will play as a pitcher and as a batter.
There are two viewpoints. Pitcher view and Batter view.

The control of pitching and batting is distinctive.
But it''s very easy and intuitive.(timely touch)

There are 32 teams.(3teams in Lite Version)
-> 29 teams of the American states and one Canada team.
Specially Japan team and Korea team(WBC No.1 and No.2).

One team has 4 players(2 pitchers and 2 hitters).
Every player has his own stats indicating the batting or pitching ability.
Use the abilities properly for the win.

Before three outs, make as many hits as you can.
If you are a pitcher, do your best not to allow any hits.
For 5 innings, make a higher score than your opponent.


※The changes in 2011 ver.
-Three outs system. Not ten strikes system.

-Two batters show up in turn.

-Renewal of the UI design.

-AI Upgrade

-Add umpire''s voice

-Super pitching
In the best condition, if a pitcher throws an ''amazing'' grade ball.
The super pitching is activated. A batter can''t hit this ball easily.

-Guess hitting
If your ball goes into the guess zone, the batter will not leave it.
Throwing a ball to one place repeatedly is very dangerous. It makes this game more realistic.

-Two batting types
Power hitting and Contact hitting. you can choose before you swing.

-Super batting
In the power hitting mode, the batting cursor of a batter in the best condition grows bigger.

-Homerun derby
make the best homerun record.

-You can make the ''amazing'' ball control of a pitcher more.

-Database changed as the record of 2010.

-Various game modes
【Arcade mode】
【Pitching training mode】
【Hitting training mode】
【Homerun derby】

-2 viewpoints
【offence-> Batter viewpoint】
【defense-> Pitcher viewpoint】

-Two difficulty level. Novice and Veteran.

-Realistic Graphic design.

Welcome to the unique and addictive world of ''THE BVP BASEBALL''
Never miss this game if you like baseball games or sports games.
You will never regret.

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