battery monitor 3

battery monitor 3
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(1700 total ratings on Google Play)


--- Your go-to battery monitoring tool! ---

Battery Monitor 3 allows you to display an icon on your status bar that lets you know how much battery capacity (%) you’ve got left and also place a widget on your home screen that shows both battery capacity (%) and estimated remaining time. But, that’s not all! Not only does this app give you these tools, it also keeps a record of changes in remaining battery capacity and device temperature and displays the results in graph form.

--- Choose when and how you’re notified! ---

You can choose to receive notifications via ticker-text message on your status bar whenever your battery status changes. You can also set an alarm (with or without vibration) to sound whenever a set capacity level has been reached. Sounds can be turned on/off and different sounds can even be chosen for the alarm. Of course, all of the notification features can be turned off, giving you full control.

--- Designed to reduce the load on your battery! ---

The number of times the app monitors your device’s battery is automatically adjusted according to the status of your device, and the app itself was designed to use the least possible amount of battery life.

--- Helps you prolong your battery’s lifespan! ---

Temperature and discharge are two things that can shorten your battery’s lifespan. Besides giving you the ability to check how much time or charge your battery has left and allowing you to set alarms to notify when your battery reaches a certain capacity, Battery Monitor 3 creates graphs for monitoring temperature and charge.

There are 5 different graphs for analyzing battery capacity, temperature, or both. Two graphs deal with capacity: the Capacity Graph, which shows changes in capacity over time, and the Capacity Frequency Graph, which shows how often a particular capacity was achieved. Two additional graphs show changes in temperature: the Temperature Graph shows you changes in device temperature over time and the Temperature Frequency Graph displays the number of times a certain temperature was experienced. Finally, there is also the Capacity and Temperature Scatter Diagram which allows you to see the relationship between capacity and temperature.

--- Notices ---

This application requires full internet access to download advertisements. It will not be used for any other purpose.

The figures used when displaying temperature, remaining battery capacity, and remaining time rely solely on data provided by your device. If there is a major change in your device’s data, there will also be a sudden large change in the figures displayed.

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